I Could Have Been A Russian Spy!

I had a couple of students recently that I was supervising  in the library for “In-school-suspension” having done something that, let us just say, they shouldn’t have!

Anyway, they asked me if I had ever done anything stupid when I was their age.

Well, of course I had!

Not to mention, I still do from time to time although not so much in the same context as it would have been as a naive teen!

One particular incident came to mind and I decided to share with them what had taken place.

So, when my friends, Sarah, Debbie and I were 16 years old, we had this thought that we should find this new guy named “Lee” that Sarah had met and wanted to get to know better.

The only problem was that he was stationed at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, the city where we lived and it would not be easy to get an entry pass.

Did I mention that Sarah didn’t know Lee’s last name?

Well, we drove to the base and went straight to the guard entrance and inquired as to whether they knew any guy on base named “Lee”.

They warned us that they couldn’t let us in without a pass but all Debbie had to do was flash her white tooth, dimpled smile and flutter her long dark eyelashes that outlined her sparkly blue eyes, to convince them otherwise.

They told us that maybe they could get us in after all and drove us to the barracks where they thought there might be a guy named Lee.

Not knowing exactly where to go, we wandered into the barracks (now do you understand why I used the word “stupid”, in this story?) and started calling out for “Lee” to see if he would miraculously appear and visit with us.

After several young men came out into the hallway, all declaring that they were “Lee”, did we suddenly realize that maybe this WAS NOT such a good idea!

We found our way out of the barracks and wandered into another building still trying to find Lee.

We never found him but instead ran smack dab into an officer who took one look at us and demanded to know what we were doing in this particular building.

Well, we responded that were just looking for Lee!

I don’t know if he must have had some teenage daughters at home himself but he informed us that this was not a place for us to be and we needed to scoot out of there ‘muy pronto’!

He escorted us to the main gate where I am sure the two guards had a lot of explaining to do and some “extra duties” to serve as well!

I got home, went to bed, only to be confronted the next morning by my Dad asking what I had been doing the night before. (How is it that parents intuitively know when something is up?)

I must have had the deer in the headlights look going on because when I replied, “Hanging out with Sarah and Debbie”, he looked at me like he wasn’t born yesterday.

I ended up eventually telling my Dad and to this day, he does not find this story very humorous!

I am so thankful that God watched over some silly, naive girls that day and also that I gained some wisdom without having to learn the hard way.

Of course my ISS students thought this was a great story and wondered why I didn’t just tell the officer that we were Russian Spies!

I guess I hadn’t thought of that!


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