“You Will Love it When It’s Finished”

I truly wish that I was better at persevering than I am.

How I long for the patience to take on detailed and tedious tasks like some of my friends who quilt, paint,  painstakingly strip and refinish furniture, etc.

Not me.

When I took Home Economics, in Jr. High, we were taught how to sew a skirt.

This was all fine and dandy until the teacher kept making us rip out seams that weren’t sewn straight.

What she didn’t understand was that I put that seam in there to stay and if I was going to go to all of that work only to have to rip the whole thing out, well so would it be for my hair as well!

I look at what I can accomplish in one day and I am all in.

Give me some plants I can stick in the ground, water and let the sun do the rest.

If I can’t figure something out in a short amount of time, I am very resourceful. I find someone who knows how to do it and ask them for help.

I will find a way one way or another to get the job done quickly!

So, it only makes sense that God would decide this girl needs to learn to wait.

She needs to sit and be still.

She needs to learn that perseverance builds character and patience is a virtue.

So, he gave me Rick.

Rick who will not do a project unless he can do it well.

Rick who will rip out all the work he has done if he feels it doesn’t look right and start all over again as his wife stands horrified in the corner declaring, “it is fine, just fine, can we please get it done?”

Rick, who with a sly smile answers: “Trust me.  You will love it when it is finished.”

I know I will, I just have a really hard time waiting for the end results.

It is very much like my relationship with Christ.

Sometimes life is very tedious and nothing is falling into place as quickly as I want it to. I am impatient with circumstances, others or myself, wondering why things are taking so long, and I cry out, “Lord, do something! Anything! Can you just change my circumstances or me or something?”

I want the mountain top without the steep climb. I want the answers without wrestling with the questions.

I want Christ to be the genie in the lamp who makes my wish his command at the rub of a bottle.

My impatience forgets that He doesn’t work that way.

The Jews were slaves in Egypt for 500 years before God delivered them. They wandered in the desert for 40 years before they reached the promised land.

Abraham and Sarah were promised an heir and didn’t receive one until they were in their old age.

Some of our greatest leaders  and heroes had multiple tragedies and failures in life before they finally saw success.

It was in perseverance through the hard times, the difficult ones and the uneventful, that God was developing the character for the good results that were to come.

So, I suppose the rest of my days, he will need to help me yield to the steady gait of perseverance and patience.

I am a work in progress and I wonder if I will ever get to where I need to be in this lesson of perseverance. Will there be any lasting change?

And then I remember Rick’s words and somehow  they take on a whole new meaning: “Trust me.  You will love it when it’s finished.”










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