Tales of Team Rehmert 2019!

Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house, all the Rehmert’s were present including their spouse!

A cabin we found in the woody flint hills with hopes that connecting would bring us all thrills.

We had Rehmert’s and Brouks with snackage galore, bringing presents and games to this place to explore.

We caught up on life and the year that would pass, laughing at memories we built that would last.

Rick works on our home and continues to pastor but wishes the projects would get done a bit faster!

As if school librarian wasn’t enough, Shelli added class sponsor to even things up!

Matthew and Nicki exchanged more than a look when in August, her name changed from Rehmert to Brouk! (Brook)

Home is Missouri where both have their jobs, they love their new house and their neighbors aren’t snobs!

Fremont, Nebraska was the place to be, where Seth moved in June with his family of three.

Nicole helps with ministry, Russel and more but is excited in May, they’ll be a family of four!

With Lindsay in Branson, working at Chic-fil-A, her life is quite busy but she still got away!

Luke married Abi in July of this year, living in Idaho has not kept them near!

But they do love the mountains, and with jobs and Luke’s classes find time for some fun before it all passes!

Jon and Alissa both attend KSU, Alissa working library and Jon at the zoo! (just kidding, but hey, it rhymed!)

Alissa, earned honors, Jon passed huge exam, made both of them ready for this getaway plan!

The greatest news we have this year is to reflect on our family and all they hold dear.

Their many accomplishments make us so proud but not nearly as much as their faith they live out.

May the love of a Savior be your shining light as you enter this New Year, to all a good night!


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