We Need Hope This Christmas

It is never going to change. There is just no hope.”

My heart felt a stab of pain when I heard a student say those words recently.

I supervise in-school-suspension as part of my school responsibilities and it is not uncommon to have a student occasionally land with me who is struggling with more than just a case of mis-guided behavior.

Family problems, broken relationships, the many uncertainties of life that encompass their tweens and teens are not just a phase of immature perception but rather real life -on- life issues that many of them deal with on a continuing basis.

What do you say to someone when you know that they feel like life isn’t worth living?

With the suicide statistics at an all time high, I can tell you that students aren’t the only ones who are feeling hopeless. We have a whole world of hurting people.

We are awash in a sea of human need.

Drug abuse, human-trafficking, sexual addiction, robbery, rage and hate have taken an ever increasing grip on our society at the same time we educate and promote more and more self-actualization and personal empowerment.

All of our yoga, positive thinking and selfies aren’t going to fix the fact that we are a broken people who need much more than a band-aid in this seemingly God-forsaken-life.

We need a God who forsook everything.

This is the hope of Christmas because there is a God who did just that.

He knew that in and of ourselves we could not get it right.

Even in the best case of scenarios, we would be no match for this sin nature that would rear it’s evil head inside of us causing us to hurt not only those around us but our own selves as well.

Yes, despite our best intentions, our self pats on the back, we can never pull off leaving it behind by sheer determination and strong will.

We need someone to help us.

Not just help us, but literally to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves.

We have been wronged and done wrong and justice demands that these things be made right and restored.

Evil must be dealt with or life truly is not fair and all is in vain.

Let’s all just throw in the towel if these things cannot be made right and indeed declare, “there is no hope!”

But, not yet!

What if there is?

If you have ever seen the billboard that says “Don’t make me come down there”…….’God’, then you will find great hope in knowing that is exactly what He did.

His gift of  His presence displayed in His one and only Son would come to save us from our sins that we could not free ourselves from.

He in perfection, blameless and sinless would be born in human flesh and take on the temptations of this world, yet not succumb to them.

He would offer himself to allow justice to be served for my sins and yours in his own death.

He would unjustly pay my debt and take on my punishment.

This sacrifice would offer me a new life in this world so I am free not to sin but from it!

His provision gives eternal life for those who would receive this free gift of salvation.

A future of no more sin, sorrow or pain.

This, my friends is mercy! 

This, precious, hurting people is grace!

This, dear world is hope!

Jesus, Messiah 

“He became sin, who knew no sin
That we might become His righteousness
He humbled himself and carried the cross
Love so amazing, love so amazing
Jesus Messiah, name above all names
Blessed redeemer, Emmanuel
The rescue for sinners, the ransom from Heaven
Jesus Messiah, Lord of all
His body the bread, his blood the wine
Broken and poured out all for love
The whole earth trembled, and the veil was torn
Love so amazing, love so amazing, yeah
Jesus Messiah, name above all names
Blessed redeemer, Emmanuel
The rescue for sinners, the ransom from Heaven
Jesus Messiah, Lord of all
All our hope is in You”
(Chris Tomlin)










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