The Personalities of Thanksgiving 2019

I have always been an observer of people and am convinced that each and every one has gifts in their personality that God knew the world was going to need.

More specifically, I think that each family is blessed with exactly who God knows they need to fill in the missing pieces of who He created them to be.

So of course, I love it when the holidays roll around and most of the family is all together, celebrating, giving me an opportunity to enjoy the gift of who they are.

The more people we add to the mix, the more gifts are brought to the table.

We have introverts and extroverts, artists, poets, writers, musicians and techies. We have theologians, mathematicians and teachers.

We know exactly who is going to make us laugh, who will bring the fun, who will challenge us with engaging topics of conversations and who will be the first one to offer to serve or help.

We know who will lose their phone or keys, who will find them, who will organize and who will assist, who will chill, who will stress, who will be the Martha, who will be  the Mary (the secret is out that I can be one or the other, depending on the moment!)

Most of all, we know who we are the most thankful for.


Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours!




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