Lighten UP!

Maybe it is just me, but I think with the political climate so hostile and everybody pointing fingers at everybody else, we are in dire need of a good dose of humor!

I mean, seriously people. We are taking ourselves way too serious, if you know what I mean!

So, that’s why the other day, I decided to lighten up and have a little fun.

It just so happened that some students wandered into the school library to check on an experiment that they had going on in a spot that I had allowed them to use.

I was at my desk and as they completed their task, a couple of the boys strolled over my way and informed me that they were going to hawk up some nasty sinus drainage and land it in my waste basket.

Despite my strong admonitions to discourage such unacceptable behavior, they did it anyway and laughingly exited the door.

Typically, these two boys don’t give me much trouble and I could tell that they were just in a jovial mood, so instead of pulling out the big guns (i.e. informing the office of their behavior), I decided to get even instead.

I happened to have a roll of yarn in my desk drawer, so I pulled the trash liner out of the trash, tied a nice neat bow made of yarn on it and headed down the hall to their class.

Finding one of the boys sitting nearest to the door and noticing the teacher hadn’t started  teaching yet, I announced that I was delivering an early Christmas present and deposited it directly on the students desk.

The look of surprise on his face and the laugh from the rest of the class gave me all the satisfaction I needed to move me from victim to victor.

The next day, they showed up again to check their experiment but somehow they had no need to leave a deposit in my wastebasket!

That was wise on their part since it might not have served them too well to press their luck again.

There are definitely hills to die on in life and battles that must be won. However, sometimes the order of the day is to take it down a notch, be creative and have a little fun.

As comedian Ken Davis is known to say, “lighten up and live!”


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