The Summer of Weddings!

There are things that mother’s know about their kids.

Call it intuition or just knowing how to ask the right questions. Never rule out reading their body language!

So, when you begin to notice  them talking about one particular person exclusively, with a slight smile on their face or a different tone in their voice, all mom sensories are on high alert!

When they are on the phone talking into the late hours of the night, booking flights, driving 3 hours to meet halfway for a date or reading a book titled; “101 Questions to Ask Before You Get Engaged”, you know that more than likely, wedding bells are soon to be ringing.

Having 5 children within the span of 10 years offered a slight probability that some weddings might possibly overlap and this summer was the “bingo”!

As if two weddings in one family aren’t interesting enough, the fact that one would be the groom and the other the bride made it especially so.

The two are definitely not the same and I don’t necessarily mean in the hammering out of the details, I mean emotionally.

Having married off three sons, I am well aware that now when they need ‘female’ input, they will no longer need mom. Their wife will offer the feminine perspective, the nurturing and the special touches in life that we women are so good at and men so often need (whether they admit it or not!) It is not always easy for mom’s to let go of sons but if we love them, we will want them to have the gift of a good wife who will be all those things and more. I could not be more grateful for three wonderful daughters-in-law who are exactly who my sons need.

For a daughter, it is a whole different set of emotions. I don’t care if your girl is the CEO of a major corporation. Everything within you wants to know if this guy is going to love, cherish and protect her. Despite the movies that show women body slamming 250 lb. men right and left, you know better.  He may be the more emotional, sensitive one and she the logical one but at the end of the day, you want to know if her groom is going to be a safe place for her.

There are many conversations, questions and discussions as the relationships progress. Rick and I are both very forthright with our adult children on covering the bases that we feel need addressed to ensure that they are thinking beyond romance and looking ahead to life on life.

We have always said that the wedding is a day, marriage is a lifetime.

You wonder as the day of celebration nears if you have covered everything. Did you give them all the tools they will need to establish a good foundation for marriage? Are they really ready for the obstacles life will throw at them?

So, you talk, you pray and you let go, realizing that the God who loves them more than you ever could will lead them, guide them and provide for them in the same way that he did for you.

You look back over the years as yet another anniversary heads your way, and you see that you have made it thus far by God’s grace and if He is big enough to carry you, He is big enough for your kids as well.

You remember the hard times but the good times too. The laughter, hopes, dreams and fun. It’s all there, the better and the worse. You realize that the early years are just a glimpse of all the joy to come, if you both are all in.

So, you celebrate the day, kiss them goodbye and wave as they head down the road with a prayer on your lips:

“Yes Lord, may it be that the best is yet to come!”




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