A Power Made Perfect in Weakness

Most mornings when my husband and I wake up, we pray together about our day.

It was no different this past June except on this particular day, we especially prayed that God would direct our steps to be a blessing in some way to the people we would encounter that day.

After praying, I met my adult daughter downstairs for a morning walk and we headed towards our usual route. Something was different though in that for some reason, I suggested we take a different route and head towards the north end of town and loop around.

We hadn’t gotten very far before I heard moaning and wailing. I looked over at a yard and saw 3 men. One was lying on the ground all bloodied, another was standing and on his phone, while the 3rd one was lying on top of something in the yard.

I was on the phone with a friend while my daughter and I were walking and I told her something was wrong and I needed to go.

We got close enough to see that the man on the ground was badly wounded. I wasn’t sure if they all had a big fist fight or what had happened until I saw the man lying on what I thought was an object was actually a dog.

I realized then, that this was a serious dog attack.

I asked the man on the phone if he had called the police. Badly shaken, he replied that he had. The man lying on the dog said, “hurry, I can’t hold this dog back much longer!”

The thing that you may not know is that as a child, I was attacked by a dog once.

I am not one that will go near a dog if I feel he is a threat.

However, here is a man, terribly wounded with blood everywhere, writhing in pain and he needed help. The dog was being held inches away from him with the possibility of breaking loose.

I can say nothing except when you hear of God taking over, that is what happened.

I asked the man on the phone to run in the house and get me some rags.

He did and my daughter and I began to apply pressure to the man’s wounds.

The wounded man’s throat was badly bleeding and ripped open. I tried to put pressure on the main artery as my daughter put pressure on the other wounds. I have never seen such a traumatic injury.

I began praying that Jesus would help bring peace and calm in the midst of this trauma because I knew this man needed it, my daughter and I needed it and really everyone involved was going to have to recover from how horrific this whole situation was.

Soon, the police came and dealt with the dog, the E.M.T.’s came to give aid to the man and my daughter and I went on our way.

We went through the rest of our day trying to process what happened. My daughter had a good cry and I was too caught up in trying to figure out how I could even have stayed calm in that situation at all.

One of my favorite verses of scripture came to mind that day: “My grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

It was obvious to me that Christ had given me the strength and courage to do something that I could not in and of myself do.

He enabled me to put my fear aside to help someone in need. He did the same for my daughter.

Later, when talking to the men who were involved, they thanked us for helping and all I could say was that we were there because God loved them and sent us to help. I had no other explanation.

That is the sort of God He is. He just shows up in the most amazing of ways!

Later that day, my husband had his own divine encounter when he was the first responder to an ATV accident on the road outside his window.

Who would have thought that our morning prayer time would have led to all of this?

We will never forget that day. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night replaying in my mind what happened and ask again for God to just give me peace as I wrestle through the images and trauma. I know eventually, it will pass.

It helps a lot to know that in the worst of situations, God is there.

It is also a reminder to be careful what you pray for, God just might take you up on it!

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