Light Fixtures, Shutters and Why My House Won’t Be Featured in the Next Issue of “Better Homes and Gardens!”

I am not a details person and it shows!

Oh not that some things don’t matter to me, it’s just that not EVERYTHING matters to me and that is when I get into trouble.

Take this house remodeling project for instance.  I am way obsessed with light fixtures for some reason (don’t try to figure it out, it is just the way I’m wired), so I find these adorable, outside lights that will be perfect by my front door.

I scored big time on the purchase of them because I found them at the thrift store where, incidentally, you can find the absolutely coolest and most amazing light fixtures of all time!

Anyway, I decided as well, that our darling little 1920’s house needed shutters to accent the original, rolled, paned glass windows that grace the front porch.

The problem started when there wasn’t room for shutters and the two porch lights on either side. Unwilling to compromise on my light fixtures, I decided that we would go with shutters on the outside edges of the window only and see how that worked. (Please do not tell Chip and Joanna because they would most undoubtedly, “shudder” at the thought!)

Did I mention that we have steel siding, which will not be replaced until the next tornado rips through town?  Or that my husband spent hours trying to put up the light fixtures, wiring electricity and getting them perfectly even after he dutifully mounted the shutters?

I will mention that the lights look amazing and the shutters now look, well, less than that.

However, I won’t be mentioning this to my husband who informed me that once the shutters go up on the steel siding, they won’t be coming down. Neither will the lights. This is your cue to either sigh, cry or laugh on my behalf.

So, shutters matter. Light fixtures matter. However, the small little details about their placement and the end result seemed to slip my mind and now, my house won’t be featured in the next issue of Better Homes and Gardens or Country Living either, for THAT matter.

I haven’t figured out yet how to remedy the whole situation but “Rick, the fixer” agrees with my solution that maybe I should get some tall, black urns to place under each light fixture to balance out the windows.

I priced some at Home Goods on clearance the other day and since they were right at about $75.00 each, I decided to clearance myself right out of there and keep hanging out at the thrift stores to see if they might miraculously appear.

Either that, or I could start a new trend similar to the one where people place gnomes all over their yard, everyone gets excited and it becomes a hot selling item.

Whatever I decide, stay tuned for more details.  Or not. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!



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