This is the moment you all have been waiting for!

Yes! Team Rehmert annual Christmas letter!

No doubt you have been anticipating and looking forward to this all year long, so here it is!

Rick is still pastoring Gracepoint Church in Peabody, KS. He also bought us a darling little cottage that was built in the 1920’s and in true Rick form, he gutted it!

Despite my pleas and begging him to just buy something we could slap paint on and move forward with, he has done an amazing job, building arches, insulating, rewiring, replumbing and basically, built us a solid, brand new home. (Did I mention, my idea probably would have burned down!?) Also, renovating houses is a great sanctification process, so we’ll just count that as a win win!

I on the other hand, landed a job as the school librarian for Peabody/Burns middle/high school.  I interviewed last spring for “library aide”, which in my simple mind translated to being an aide to the main librarian.  Silly me! In the interview I learned that I would actually BE the librarian and that the in-school-suspension kids would land in the library for supervision as well as students doing an online computer class. Whoa! Needless to say, I continue to learn how to actually be a librarian, how to supervise ISS and how to pretend that I have even the foggiest clue as to how computer programs and online classes are supposed to work.

Nicki was in transition a couple of years ago and landed with us in Peabody. I had thought she would be an amazing pre-school aide to our wonderful pre-school teacher here in town. Lo and behold, if the job didn’t open up and fall perfectly into place for Nicki to do just that! Her and Mrs. Goessen are a great team and together, they love up on the kids very well! Nicki loves writing and when she isn’t exhausted after a day of pre-schoolers, you can find her typing away on her computer with fresh thoughts and new inspirations.

Seth and Nicole live in Omaha where Seth works as assistant youth pastor at Westside Church. He loves the church, the staff and his job. He does some street evangelism with a group, leads Bible studies and teaches youth. Nicole leads a Bible study with teens at their church, and is especially busy now with her new position as “Mamma to Russel”!

Russel (aka: “Russel Sprout”/”Chunky Monkey”) came into the world on September 29th, after putting mamma into labor for a day and a half! All of us were beyond ecstatic about his arrival and of course there is no shortage of love being poured out lavishly upon his sweet, adorable and precious self!

Lindsay is happily working in Branson, involved in her church and enjoying her job as hospitality (?) at Chic-Fil-A. She loves serving the people, overseeing a team and the great atmosphere with some awesome people to work with. She has kept up with her acting and has enjoyed landing some parts in a few local films  She continues to host a lot of fun gatherings at the Branson house for her many friends and grab some moments to sip a coffee and do some reading at “Vintage Paris”, her favorite hangout.

Luke was ordained this fall and officially able to oversee the duties of a pastor! He finished up his semester at Midwestern Seminary in Kansas City and is currently looking to relocate near Boise, Idaho providing the Lord continues to lead and provide in that direction. This will suit him well since rock climbing is a hobby and he is quite an outdoors enthusiast.

Jonathan married Alissa Graham on January 1st of this year and they live in Manhattan, KS where Jon is working in graduate studies in mathematics at KSU and teaching some classes there as well. Alissa will be starting classes at KSU this next semester and continues to amaze us all with her gifted artistic abilities and contributions on the worship team at their church. They live in a sweet little cottage and host many parties at their place with all who love a good and serious board game! They enjoy a Bible study group and book club as they continue to settle into life in ‘Man-happenin’!

We are grateful to have both sets of parents in fairly good health, active in their churches and riding herd on a couple of dogs that keep them pretty busy!

A Christmas letter can’t be posted without an acknowledgement of the one who made it all possible.

As I read the news each day of another shooting, another abused child, another murder, I feel a deep sadness wash over me. When I hear the raging and mud slinging over politics and all sides screaming that they alone are right, I am weary.  When I learn that suicide is on the rise, that meth and other drugs continue to be in high demand, that people don’t know who or what they are and are washed in a sea of confusion, I am grieved.

Then I am reminded of the hope we have in this Savior who came into the world to offer  us true life. He came in humble circumstances born in a stable to remind us that poverty isn’t the problem and riches aren’t the answer. He came powerless as a baby to a virgin mother and carpenter father showing us that position and status mean nothing to God.

He came to give his perfect and righteous life as a replacement for ours because we could not save ourselves from sin. We can deny we have it, but we know better. It lurks within our deepest places and hides in the dark that maybe only we can see. It is there despite all the positive vibes we send, good works we do, promises we make and resolutions we try desperately to keep. We cannot pull it off.

So….He did it for us.

He alone is sinless and if we trust in the work he did for us on the cross, taking our sins upon himself, we have forgiveness for those sins, thus a Savior.

We can trust him, will we believe?

What an incredible, amazing and incomprehensible gift we have been given! I will spend my whole life trying to wrap my brain around that kind of mercy, grace and love….

As I close, I want to say “Merry Christmas” yet that seems inadequate to describe Christmas doesn’t it?

So I leave these words with you that the angels announced to the Shepherds on that star filled night:

“And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. 11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord”.



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