It is funny how certain moments carry my memory back to another time as if looking in a rearview mirror.

As I watched my husband jump our daughter’s stranded car last night, I couldn’t help but remember a time when my own dad came to my rescue on a wintry day in Wichita.

I had just left for school in my little yellow VW when I got about 4 blocks down the road and it decided to die or spin its’ wheels on ice (who can remember back that far?) right before I turned on to a major street.

The roads were icy, it was bitter cold outside and of course, I had no cell phone back then.

Putting on my big girl britches, and probably also my gloves, I hiked back to my house to ask Dad for assistance.

No doubt, given that he was getting ready to head to work, he didn’t have a lot of time to spare but neither was he going to leave his sixteen year old daughter stranded in the snow.

Driving me back to the car, he instructed me to get in his car, come up behind my car and push him while he tried to get the thing to move forward.

So, very carefully, I crept up to my car with his and just as I was ready to connect with the bumper, I hit it too hard, almost sending my Dad through the windshield.

Getting out of my car, he approached me and told me very patiently, to try it again only this time approach the bumper slower and ease into the push.

Determined to get it right the second time, I eased carefully, slowly, up to the bumper again and “boom”, made forceful contact……just like before.

I would like to say that the third time is a charm but by then, after another epic fail, I was desperately trying to stifle my nervous laughter as Dad wandered one more time back to his car and recommended that we switch places.

I succeeded in popping the clutch with his push and quickly moved into the street and onto my destination without a hitch.

Waving goodbye, I caught a glimpse of Dad in my rearview mirror as he waited to make sure that I was well on my way.

I don’t know then if I realized how blessed I was to have a father who was there for me, on a cold and busy day, when his patience had to have been wearing thin.

But, I know it now, as I find myself more often than not, looking at life’s  moments through the memories reflected in the rearview mirror of my mind.





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