Your life matters, live it well.

It is full of choices, choose well.

It is a gift, be grateful for it.

It is filled with sorrows and joys, find Christ in both.

It will know defeat, failure and loss. Find humility there.

It will be marked with success, fulfillment and proud moments. Find humility there as well.

It will struggle with discouragement, fear and despair. Fight those with perseverance, courage and hope.

Life will go by too fast and there is not enough time to live for all that is fleeting and shallow.

Those little ones who demand so much attention? They don’t stay little forever.

That spouse you want to leave? He may be the one who holds your hand when the doctor gives you bad news.

Think before you walk away. Think very hard.

Those parents you never visit? Someday you may long to hear their voice one more time.

Make relationships a priority. We don’t know the number of our days. Or theirs.

Give your life to Jesus.


Because this life is nothing but the preface of an eternal one to come.


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