For the past couple of months I have been filling in at our middle/high School library.

It has been quite an experience but nothing has yet to top the event that took place during this past week!

I was at my desk and there were about six students in various places in the library when the school counselor came on the intercom and announced, “secure rooms now. No one may leave to go anywhere until further notice.”

Since the library has many windows, I stepped over to one and observed two police officers with a dog checking the hallways.

I began thinking to myself that I have no idea what I am supposed to do in the event we might have an active shooter!

Somewhere in the process of learning several new things, I missed that memo!

So, I sneak over to both doors leading to the hallway, open them and lock them so no one can get in.

Of course, the students observe the police and the dogs and they find this quite exciting and wonder what we will do.

We have two exits that lead directly outside, so I tell them that if anyone starts shooting, they are to run immediately out of those two doors to safety far from the school.

I told them to continue working on their assignments, etc. and we would probably be fine because the police would have it all under control

Meanwhile, I shoot up a prayer and text my husband who would soon be coming to the school to coach track, not to come because they wouldn’t let him in anyway.

The bell rang and no one was allowed to proceed on to their next class.

We stayed “secured” until finally, the counselor came on the intercom and told us that we could continue on as normal.

Can anybody say, “phew”?!

I found out later that there is a difference between an announcement to “secure in class” and “there is an active shooter, go into lockdown.”

My “bad” as my kids would say.

We never were in danger it was just a safety precaution that is practiced periodically!

However, the principal validated that my idea to run out of the library exit doors was exactly what I should do, if the situation ever did happen.

Hopefully it never will.

But at least for now, I’ve got the memo!






2 thoughts on “WHEN YOU MISS THE MEMO

  1. What a memo!  Good thinking, Shelli.

    All the years I taught, I never had to even read that memo.  So thankful it ended well, and everyone is safe. What an eye-opener!

    One day, in a school near East St Louis, we were on lockdown, as Martin Luther King was assassinated. My classroom was in the basement.  Although there was a large holed wired screen on the windows, I knew a bullet could get through. It didn’t help when one girl told us that she was glad he died, that was what her Dad said should happen.

    Thanks for sharing. Love, Emily


    • Oh wow! How sad and scary! I was on the board of a small private school and after the Amish school shootings, we had to devise and escape plan for our kids should it be necessary. How sad that we have to think of such things. 😦


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