You really should think twice before becoming a parent.

Trust me on this because I have had five children and I did so without a clue as to what I was signing on for.

First of all, they are expensive.

They need doctors, dentists, clothes, food and frequent trips to Walmart.

They get sick at all hours of the night and day, refusing to cooperate with your own schedule and needs.

As infants, they strategically plan to spit up on you right after you get ready for church, or better yet, orchestrate a serious diaper blowout in the middle of the service.

As soon as they can walk, they will stand by your bed declaring their stomach hurts and before the words “get to the toilet!!” can escape your lips, they throw up all over you, the bedding and the floor.

They do heartbreaking things like graduate from story hour or pre-school and cause their mothers to cry as they accept their certificates and march across the stage, ready to pass on to the next season of life.

So, see, you really should think twice before becoming a parent.

When they enter adolescence, the hormones kick in and moods swing with the unpredictability of a Midwestern thunder storm.

This adds more expense as you have to double your intake of caffeine and Ibuprofen, not to mention the very real possibility you may have to add an extra bathroom on to the back of the house!

Before the hormones are fully under control, they begin to notice the opposite sex and also the family car which adds an overwhelming amount of extra stress and sleepless nights to already exhausted parents.

You really should think twice before becoming a parent.

Finally, they reach high school age and you find yourself caught up in a whirlwind of activities that keep you wishing you lived in an R.V. instead of a house.

As you race from one event to another, snapping pictures, cheering their successes and standing beside them through many a teary failure, you suddenly see it is all coming to an end.

This brutal blow should definitely cause you to think twice before becoming a parent.

Somewhere in the midst of all the craziness you realize that there was laughter, joy, love and family.

There were friends, memories, milestones and growth that didn’t take place in just your kids but yourself as well.

You look back over the years, reflecting on each season and the epiphany comes:


Just remember, I warned you.

You really should think twice before becoming a parent.







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