When my son, Seth was little, he loved the song, “He is Alive” by Don Francisco.

He often heard it played at Easter time, enjoying the ballad that told of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection.

Fast forward to a day when Seth had the opportunity to actually hear Francisco perform that evening at his college campus!

He went through his day attending classes and at one point got on an elevator with an older guy, enjoying a short visit before they went their separate ways.

Much to Seth’s surprise, when he arrived at the concert that evening, the same man from the elevator was on stage.

As he began to strum and sing, reality slowly sank in that this was Don Francisco himself!

Oh, those missed moments when we are clueless as to what or ‘who’ is right in front of us!

As I have been studying in the gospel of John, this is what keeps going through my mind:

How did the people miss Jesus?!

He kept telling them who he was, that God had sent him, that He was the Christ and they didn’t get it.

He performed sign after sign, even raising people from the dead and they continued to badger and harass him about who he was.

Just as Seth had a picture in his mind of what he thought Don Francisco would look like, so did the people in Jesus day have a picture of him.

They imagined the messiah to be a prominent and powerful political leader.

This Jesus surely could not be him because he didn’t follow their rules.

As the deliverer of Israel, he was to rescue them from their oppressors not from their sins.

The Messiah was to come for the Jews, yet he spent time with Gentiles as well.

He taught in the synagogue without their esteemed credentials.

He healed the down and outcast, doing so even on the Sabbath.

No, this son of Mary and Joseph could not be God.

He must be out of his mind.

Had they taken the time to revisit the writings of their own prophets they would have seen that indeed, he was who he said he was.

Some people don’t have to tell us their name but we know who they are the minute they start to sing.

Others lay down their very lives and sadly, we still miss who they are.






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