I was bemoaning the aging thing again to my patient husband this morning.

After having a  fantastic weekend, connecting with my Omaha kids and some special friends, I am well aware that some things are slightly amiss.

It all started when I left the Chinese restaurant in Lincoln to head to Omaha.

It was dark and I needed to head north out of the parking lot.

As I did so, I realized that there was a median preventing access to the north bound lane! With headlights quickly approaching me from the oncoming south bound traffic, I pulled a fast U-turn and hurried back to the safety of the parking lot, sheepishly waving to my friends as they helplessly sat in their car contemplating my demise.

This caused for a bit of stress and angst as I headed in the dark towards the interstate to Omaha, knowing that I haven’t driven there much and have an issue with seeing well at night.

This was not all bad because my dear friend, Dave, had given me his old GPS, ( I have a dumb phone and not a smart one) to help navigate Omaha’s unfamiliar streets as I ventured to find my son and daughter-in-laws new house in the dark.

Praise God, he gave me that thing because I most certainly would still be driving throughout Omaha trying to find them, had he not!

I arrived in tact and enjoyed an evening and day with the kids before they left me alone with Netflix and a remote control that had to have been something that at one time must have navigated the Starship Enterprise!

There were at least 3,000 button options that had nothing anywhere stating: “on”, “off,” “Netflix” or “directions for dummies!”

I don’t mind bees but seriously, an hour documentary on how they make honey is not what I had in mind for an evening of entertainment.

I safely landed on some show about a “Prince for Christmas” and decided that this would be a better option than the bees.

I don’t want to go into much detail about what happened on Monday when I left a great coffee time with an old friend, only to pull into a gas station jumping a curb because I didn’t see it due to the snow!

Please tell me that nobody saw that. Especially the guys working on the electric pole near the entrance.

Journey on to I-80 which had a direct exit to highway 77 which would take me all the way south to my happy home!

As I ‘high-fived’ myself for knowing I was on the right route and wrapped up listening to Erwin Lutzer preaching a sermon about “narcissists”, I noticed that my exit said north 77/56?

So, I need to get off on 77, maybe if I turn south, I will be good to go, right?

Wrong, thought this woman as she found herself off on Cornhusker highway, heading towards downtown Lincoln!

After pulling over and making sure Ms. Garmin, had the correct address to my place, I ventured on straight into the busiest section of Lincoln which I should have totally bypassed by taking the outskirts of town!

Needless to say, I meandered through Lincoln, arguing with Ms. Garmin and wasting 20 minutes until I finally found south 77.

All went fairly smoothly except for a couple of potty stops I had to make that never would have interfered with my driving at all 10 years ago.

Four hours later, I arrive at home, put my feet up and contemplate on why life seems to have become so complicated anymore?

Is it just me, or this whole aging thing?

Well, I certainly don’t want to take any responsibility for being an air-head but neither do I want to admit that I am aging.

All I know is that the more curve balls life keeps throwing at me, the more I am having to adjust.

Mind you, I am in my fifties! I still have a few more decades to go!

After my husband listened to my long list of mishaps and why I dread this whole aging thing, he had the nerve to say: “I don’t mind you aging at all because I will be just as attracted to you when you are 89 as I am now.”

“Oh no!” I shot back.

“That just means I am going to be one really tired old lady!”

We both laughed and as we headed into our day, I heard a voice calling after me, “honey, do you know where my glasses are? I can’t seem to find them.”



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