I love my family!

I just do!

Every one of them is so unique and special in their own way!

For all of the personality tests and profiles that there are, I am convinced that each person comes with a design that is totally their own and no one truly has a box they fit in nor could any one of them ever be replaced.

My family is living proof that this is so!

Rick is our team leader with his fun loving personality but a mind that is always thinking about the latest topic he has been researching or sermon he has been preparing. He loves helping people spiritually and practically. If he weren’t a pastor, he could be an engineer or a builder. He is a hopeless romantic and an intellectual feeler, if there is such a thing!

Nicki as our first born is our angel of mercy and a true servant.  She is loyal and faithful to those she loves and has a tender heart. That doesn’t negate the fact that she has a tenacious spirit in areas that constantly surprise us. Her poetic spirit is expressed in her weekly writings and like her dad, she is a romantic through and through.

Seth is our intense one, driven to understand people and life with a passion to use his gifts to the fullest in ministry and living out his faith. He is married to Nicole, who is a perfect fun fit who knows how to bring out the best in him.

Lindsay loves to find the laughter in life and putting her acting talents to use. She is a devoted friend to those who know her and finds nothing more fulfilling than to share a deep conversation or a meaningful hug.  She is a verbal processor but a journal keeper as well!

Luke is our connector and always looking for who he can reach out to and who to get to know. He loves Nebraska football and has a heart full of compassion for others and a love for God and his word that compels him to defend it with strong conviction. He never fails to ask a person how they are doing and really mean it.

Jonathan is the baby but he is the tallest of all and has a great dry sense of humor that keeps us in stitches. His laugh is unforgettable and his ability to rationally reason through an argument and stay cool in a debate is a true gift. He has an aptitude for math that did NOT come from his mother and loves to help others understand it as well.

Daughter-in-law, Nicole is a bright, bubbly, fun addition to our team in the past two years. She has a huge heart for others and compassion that defends the weak and helpless and loves Jesus with all the passion she can hold. Her and Seth are great partners in ministry and life.

Alissa will soon join Team Rehmert on January 1st when she marries Jon! They have been good friends these past years at college and wanted to carry it on into marriage. She is our Vintage 40’s girl and loves Modcloth dresses and playing endless board games with Jon and friends. She studies philosophy and apologetics, has taken opera lessons, sings beautifully and is an artist to boot. Most importantly, she loves Jesus as well and wants to help others come to know him too!

The combination of all of their personalities makes for a mixture of joy, fun and great conversations!

Just some of the reasons I love Team Rehmert!







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