Twas  nine days before Christmas and all through my brain,

Are details and deadlines that make me insane!

With birthdays and parties to mention a few, add a wedding and Christmas and New Years day too!

But finally as some things are past on my list, I must write this update before I resist!

With a house to fix up and one to maintain, pastoring a church and some coaching leaves Rick circling the drain!

In spite of the busyness that envelopes my spouse, I have loved taking care of the Victorian house!

I work on my writing and a couple of studies with some awesome great women who have become lifetime buddies!

Nicki works at Parkside Homes and loves up on the aged, they praise her for her servants heart and compassion she displays.

Seth’s new job at Westside church keeps he and Nicole quite busy and settling into their first new home has added to the frenzy!

Lindsay works in Branson still and has quite a social life, new transitions head her way, but no, it won’t be ‘wife’! 😉

KC keeps Luke busy with church and seminary, he is dorm R.A. to some awesome young men giving counsel and making merry!

Jon and Alissa’s friendship has blossomed and grown into a wedding! We all head to Missouri on January first to partake of this beautiful blessing!

Above all the bustle, we stop and we hear the voice of our Savior who always is near, reminding us first, it is all about Him, so we pray a blessed Christmas to friends and to kin!

Emily Dickenson may not relate, but I hope you enjoyed our Team Rehmert update!

Merry, blessed Christmas to all and to all….aw…you know the rest! 😉





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