When did the world get so crazy and when did everyone think their opinion must be aired? (Says the woman beginning to venture in on some of her own!)

I used to tell my kids, “not everything you think needs to come out of your mouth”.

In other words, don’t speak unless you know what you are talking about or have something worthwhile to say.

That may sound rude and snarkity, (is that a even a word?) but in our age of instant news, blogs and twitter, there is no ‘safe’ place to hide from everyone’s expressed ‘individuality’.

I miss the days when I shopped at a store and I had no idea what the owner believed or didn’t believe. I didn’t know who or what he or she slept with, I just liked their product and wanted to purchase it.

What happened to entertainers who performed and we all left feeling good without having to wade through a myriad of  political opinions or off handed remarks? We didn’t know who they voted for or what political party they were with. Nor did we care! We just came to enjoy the music!

I noticed this week that Billy Graham turned 99 years old.

Here is a man who had strong beliefs, yet I can’t think of a time that if he was invited to pray at the White House, that he didn’t show up. He did not endorse or vote for every president, yet out of respect for the office and the belief that God would honor prayer and maybe he could make a difference by going, he went.

He had a strong faith and many forums to share it, yet he seemed to understand how to share that faith full of grace and hope without compromising truth and conviction.

He is a rare man in an age of ‘rugged’ individualism.

I don’t disagree that there are times to stand and stand alone if you will. There are times to find ones voice and speak up. However, remember that if every issue sets you off, no one will take you seriously about anything. Choose your battles and what hills to die on and know why you have gone there.

And by all means, speak from personal experience without creating straw men, or honest and extensive research based on actual truth, or you may find yourself eating crow at the hands of someone who has all the above mentioned in place and more.

If we don’t watch ourselves, we will find that we are becoming offended about everything and knowledgeable about nothing.

Too much reaction without reflection may not bring about a revolution that so many desire, but anarchy instead.

That is not a place where anyone wants to go.







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