If only life would cooperate with me.

I have a picture perfect holiday season ready to hang. It is already there, nailed securely in the corner of my mind.

Picture it with me, if you will.

Those serene farm scenes aren’t too far off base.

The carolers bundled in wraps, strolling the neighborhoods come close.

The blazing fireplace, spreading warmth, as snow quietly falls outside a paned glass window is present.

The tree is lit, candles aglow and the scent of cinnamon and pine mix together with sounds of Christmas music playing softly in the background.

But most of all, it would be a picture of peace. No rushing, no schedules. Just celebration and community.

Call it a Norman Rockwell or Currier and Ives scene if you like, but whatever it is, the sum of it would be that everything would stop from Thanksgiving until New Years Day ended.

No one would go to work.

We would snuggle into our homes as families and communities, sharing goodies and meals as we sang songs, played games and built memories.

No bills would be allowed to be sent until after New Years and bad or negative attitudes would be banished.

We would watch happy movies and read inspiring books.

I would get up in the morning and read my Bible in a cozy big chair by a blazing fire and a lit tree, taking all the time I wanted to let every thought sink in.

Good friends would stop by and share a hot mug as we sampled Christmas goodies and exchanged gifts and the joy of the season.

There would be an absence of stress. No conflict, sorrow or anxiety.

Total peace and serenity would reign in those weeks and just the thought of it would carry us through the year until it would come again.

I wonder if this isn’t a very small glimpse of heaven?

Oh to have a week, even a day of this scene would be exhilarating to say the least!

It is coming someday and so much more than we could ever imagine!

What a thought of an eternity of peaceful, joy-filled celebration every moment, filled with all that is good and all that is love!

We will have it someday, in that  beautiful, picture perfect world.





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