In our age of social media and actually even before, we find ourselves grappling with life’s tragedies or trials with such flippant responses don’t we? Although we might not say something as trite as “sending happy thoughts your way” in the case of a huge catastrophe, it gets thrown out there nonetheless.

I have to wonder what on earth gets accomplished by sending happy thoughts and how would I do that anyway? It sounds very much like “beam me up Scotty” but for those of us who don’t live in a perpetual episode of Star Trek, it just rings kind of shallow.

So maybe we don’t send ‘happy thoughts’ but we announce we are praying for this or that person or situation.

Wonderful if we really truly are doing that. But are we really? Truly?

At some point in my life I became convicted that to tell someone I was praying for them and not do it was not being honest. They had a need, I gave my word to do something about it by praying for them and to not do so was to let them down.

I also had to consider that if I couldn’t take time to pray for them, maybe I didn’t believe in the power of prayer like I said I did? If I couldn’t act on my faith to pour out a heartfelt prayer for God to help this person in their time of need, did I somewhere surmise that He wouldn’t hear or help even if asked? Did I have faith in him at all?

Many years ago we had dear friends who experienced an incredible loss in the murder of a beloved sister. Not only was the sister killed but it was at the hands of her own husband. I don’t know if I have ever been with a family in a time of such deep anguish and grief that we were concerned for their very health.

We could do nothing to relieve their desperate heartache except to fall on our faces before our God and cry out to him for comfort and relief. It was so overwhelming there were just no words to express other than “dear Lord Jesus please, please bring the comfort of your presence into this situation.”

In all honesty, there were practical ways that people could help them but in the depths of their need, they were in a level of soul pain that only the Savior could reach and we literally all had to carry them in prayer.

God heard our prayers and He was faithful to comfort them in the way only He could.

Prayer is an amazing and powerful tool in the hands of a faith filled people and in the calloused knees of a battle weary warrior.

It puts feet to our help and wisdom for the needs at hand. It moves the heart of a sovereign God in a way nothing else can if it is honest, sincere and bathed in humility.

Prayer provides comfort, peace and hope.

So, if you say it! Pray it!

You are offering a tangible gift to someone in their time of need.

“But truly God has listened;
  he has attended to the voice of my prayer” Psalm 66:19







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