Tomorrow my fifth and final child graduates from college.

Jonathan David Rehmert landed in our world on May 12, 1995 and was brought home on Mother’s Day (sounds kind of like an obit doesn’t it?!) in the midst of our typical Rehmert craziness!

We had four other children, the oldest being 10 and lived in Salina, KS at the time.

My fourth baby was my smallest at barely over 6 pounds, but Jon followed 3 years later at an ounce under 10 pounds. He was our largest baby, with most of his weight carried in heighth. It still bothers his big brothers that the baby is taller than they are!

Out of all of my kids, he is probably the most laid back and our whole family would agree for sure, the most quick witted!

I remember so many times that a comment was made and at just the right moment of silence, Jon would interject something so hilarious that it would take us the rest of the day to recover!

Hands down, there is not a person on the planet who can duplicate Jon’s trademark laugh! He wins the prize for having the most unique and laughable laugh that I have ever heard! No man is left standing in the presence of Jon when something strikes him as funny!

He was my kid who would almost daily, spout off a “fun fact”.

These fun facts were  trivial pieces of information that could consist of anything from the first time that someone documented a solar eclipse to why an algebraic equation works a certain way (which of course, I would always smile and nod like that was interesting, all the while having no idea what he was talking about!)

No doubt, we have been proud of all our kids, and Jon has brought his special, unique gifts to contribute to our pride.

Being the baby of the family, he was usually out-voted on family activities. While the brothers loved soccer, frisbee, football and such, Jon loved board and card games. Thanks to him, he brought a much needed balance and to this day, the other kids have joined in on that interest as well.

If Jon was out late with friends, we never had to worry about what might be going on. More than likely it was a “Star Wars”, “Star Trek” or “Lord of the Rings” marathon taking place with a group of his friends.

Jon loved band and performed in musicals,  at one point he wrote a musical piece, especially for his band to perform. He was drum major, along with many other activities with speech being a hi-light of his high school years.

His senior year in high school, he won first place in the state of Nebraska in extemperaneous speech in his class division.

Last summer he completed an internship at the State University of New York in Potsdam. He worked in studying mathematics and specifically wrote a paper of integer theory with one of the professors there.

He and the professor were asked to present a workshop on it at the Joint Mathematics conference in Atlanta this past January.

Jon has been accepted into the Master’s Program and working towards  a Ph.D in mathematics at Kansas State University this fall.

Of course, we are proud of him for all these accomplishments but most of all for who he is and the joy he has brought to our family.

He is the best Mother’s Day Gift I ever received and I am blessed to be called his Mom!

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