It all happened when Rick was in town and I was wrapping up a twelve week Bible study, caring for the sick dog at the farm, planning to leave for our son’s college graduation and a weeks family vacation in Arkansas with all of Team Rehmert, when things went south fast in only two days!

You’ve been there haven’t you? What you planned and how you thought it would look can quickly take a turn and as ‘Ms. Garmin’ is fond of saying, “recalculating, recalculating!”

I had just returned from my in-laws house after coaxing the dog to try to drink some water, only to find out that my sister-in-law from Kansas City was in the hospital with what could be a heart attack or stroke. As I was dealing with this concern, I received a phone call from Rick’s parents that his dad was having heart issues and would soon be admitted to the hospital himself!

Oh wow! This is a sudden turn in events, so we shift gears and begin dealing with a heart catheter that would need to take place the next morning.

There would be a glitch in the morning plans though, since the parents van’s alternator was going out and I would need to follow Rick and his mom in the truck (that had gotten stolen and found a couple of months ago!) so they could drop off the van 30 miles away and I could pick them up and we could journey on to the hospital.

Can anyone say, “recalculate!”

That was going just fine until I saw Rick pushing the truck out of the garage due to the fact that the battery was dead! Praise God for brother, Dennis, who had taken the day off of his job to help and he was available to jump the truck, to follow the van, to take the mother to the hospital, to see the father who was going to have a heart cath that morning!

My brain goes from ‘pause’ to ‘rewind’ to ‘recalculate’, once again!

Don’t ask me exactly how we did it, but by God’s grace, we figured out all of the vehicles and landed at the hospital, to spend a day discussing options and recalculating!

The surgeon informed us that due to a major blockage in the heart’s largest artery, there will be a triple by-pass surgery on Monday morning!

So, once again, we do what is called for at the moment and ‘recalculate’!

Recalculating means to make a quick run to Branson five hours away, to graduate the senior on Sunday and hoof it back for a major surgery on Monday!

It means that Team Rehmert will figure out their plans with Mom and Dad absent on this one, as we are reminded that “man makes his plans but the Lord directs his steps”.

It means a serious surgery on an almost 86 year old, dearly loved family member.

Recalculating is a part of life and priorities adjust and shift depending on the needs that arise.

Disappointments come into our lives and as I have learned in my recent Bible study that “disappointments are His appointments”.

Although, I hate to cancel plans, I also don’t like to see loved ones have to undergo serious surgeries. This can mean loss and then I will once again, have to recalculate.

I don’t always like to ‘recalculate’, but I continue to learn that life isn’t always about ‘me’. (I know, I will learn that one the rest of my life!)

I think of all that could have happened if the circumstances had lined up differently and I am thankful that God’s plans are always working for the good for those who love Him.

It has been said that “while we see three things, God sees 10,000”. I have to wonder what  He is doing and marvel at the many ways He orchestrates and works in the events of our lives.

I don’t have all of the answers, but I do know that at various times in our lives, we all need to take a breath, trust the one who knows all things and learn to roll with the ‘recalculates’.


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