Simply Shelli

If there ever was a practical, down to earth, no- nonsense sort of a mother it is mine! Hands down, she wins the prize! Her wisdom for dealing with life and people should automatically qualify her for an honorary ‘life-coach’ degree or be written in a book. If I were to ask her where she had gained her insight, she would probably tell me it came from her mother, my grandma Hanson.

I learned enough from my mother that it is worth passing on. Here are just a few morsels:

One of my earliest memories was when my cat had kittens and one of them died. I took that little kitten outside and began to weep and mourn her sudden passing. This was fine…for a little while. However, the mourning and wailing went on and on. Caught up in the drama of my emotions, I was just flowing with the…

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