Remember when your mother used to say: “eat your vegetables and clean your plate because children are starving in China!” (I actually don’t have that memory because my mom never did say that!)

You probably wondered why your being full or hating vegetables was going to help starving children in China anyway didn’t you? More than likely, you offered to mail what was left to China and your mother told you not to get smart with her. 

As a matter of fact, many a person is overweight today because of the “starving children in China guilt syndrome”, just so you know!

As well, many people are overweight today because they realize that what they do or don’t eat isn’t going to do anything about solving the problem of children starving in China or any other country, so they go on living their lives and eating what they want.

I can relate to that, truly I can because that is where for today, I am at.

I have been reading the headlines and it isn’t good.

North Korea and Iran hate us and would love to have an excuse to bomb us into oblivion.

I shake my head, wonder what is to be done and honestly, the most I can do really, is to pray.

Other than that, I have to move forward into my day and do the normal.

The dishes need washed, the bed needs made, there are Bible studies to lead, meals to prepare and in my spare moments I can ponder that at any moment, we might be blown off of the planet.

I don’t mean to be apathetic, it’s just that those visions that visited Joan of Arc seem not to be coming my way and I know it is useless to worry and fret.

I wander over to check on my in-laws who have just returned from the vet.

Their favorite dog of all time who is only five years old and a total sweetheart has renal failure.

This makes me sad and I find myself wanting to donate a kidney or something, anything to save our loyal, faithful canine friend. But honestly, there is nothing that can be done.

I have to ponder why this exudes more emotion in me than the fact that nations hate us and want us dead.

But here is the deal. In my every day life, I don’t have to be the solution or the helper or the mediator in the world’s affairs. I leave that to the ones called to those high places of leadership.

For them, I pray wisdom and I trust in a sovereign God, who alone decides the fates of kingdoms and powers and even individuals.

As for me, I have a realm of responsibility as well. It is the people whose faces I see, who are in my every day world, who ask me to pray for them, who want to spend time with me, who need encouragement. It is my parents who want to attend a family reunion, my children who call to download about their lives, my neighbors who need a helping hand.

It is a dog, who always runs out to happily greet me, and can’t wait to go on a walk with me down a country road. It is the people who care about him and will miss him when he’s gone.

I know if ever war comes to us,  deep emotion will rise up in me and it will be personal.

But as for today, the dog is dying.



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