Victory does not happen unless a plan is in place.

Hoping for victory while sitting still is never an option.

Israel sees this come into full play when God tells them He will deliver Jericho into their hands.

God could have in one breath conquered all of Israel’s enemies by Himself. He most often chooses to work in and through His people to fulfill His purposes. He is a relational God.

So, the instructions are that Israel is to march around the wall of Jericho for six days with the soldiers leading and the priests following with the ark of the covenant and blowing trumpets.

Very interesting scene we have pictured here!

On the seventh day, Israel is to shout out loud, the wall of Jericho will tumble and the city will be taken.

Except for Rahab the prostitute who had hidden the Jewish spies!
Her family alone would be spared and would go on to become a part of Israel.

Rahab, as we will later learn is in the lineage of Christ! Wow!

We can never think that we have God and His plans all figured out. He truly works in mysterious ways using people and circumstances for greater purposes than we could have ever thought.

We are to follow His lead courageously. He will guide and instruct us as to what to do. His word covers many specifics.

As far as all the people and circumstances involved in where we are heading, we won’t always know the plan there, it just unfolds as we follow.

We can be sure though, that He knows. We can trust Him.

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” Ps 32:8

Gale Petry-Norby
Gale Petry-Norby I could read this every day Shelbelle.

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