There is a reason as you age you get more skeptical.

You live long enough to see fads come and go

. In my 20’s, we were all supposed to go on “Herbal Life” and clean out our colons and toxins from our body.
Buy natural Watkins products and live longer.
Later, we found out that we needed Echinacea, grape seeds, olive oil, low fat, don’t eat eggs, etc
Iridology was huge.You were supposed to look for colors and shapes in people’s eyes to determine the health of particular organs.

We were told to use everything whole wheat and make homemade breads with every kind of grain. We were so diligent that we baked ourselves into a coma!

How to supplement your income? Amway would make us all millionaires if we would just get out there and sell it. I know of not one person who has gotten rich from Amway, but I knew plenty who sold it!

Young people were running in droves away from the traditional church setting of their parents. New bible translations, modern buildings and new music.

Dr. Spock warned our parents not to spank, so we read Dr. Dobson who told us that a few little whacks on the back of their legs would be a good idea for a rebellious attitude. Children under a certain age we were told, do not understand sermons, so have nurseries and children’s church for them.

First it was nurse babies on demand, then it was nurse them on a schedule. Lay baby on tummy so he doesn’t choke. No! Lay baby on back so he doesn’t suffocate!

Fast forward:

Now we have coconut oil, turmeric and essential oils. They will save us and what have we been missing? Forget low fat! We must have real butter. Eggs now are supposed to be good for us.
Forget any bread or carbs! We are to be gluten free! We didn’t know for years we had been poisoning our bodies on all that wheat bread!

Amway doesn’t make us rich anymore, the lottery does!

As mentioned, in the past decade or so, there has been a huge movement among young people to return to liturgy and tradition in their churches. Where my generation felt that repeated prayers and sacraments became dry and not heartfelt, this generation is finding meaning in the depth of the classic hymns, prayers and confessions of faith. Traditional churches and denominations are making a comeback as many tire of what they perceive ‘entertainment’ and no depth.

Parenting? Honestly, I don’t follow it as closely since my kids are grown but it seems they aren’t reading Dobson anymore. John Rosemond’s practical common sense coupled with Tripp’s “Shepherding a Childs Heart” has been a good balance in the past 6 or so years. But the helicopter parenting has been on the rise and that does not launch children towards independence.

Young parents now want their small children in church so that they learn how to be part of the whole body of believers at a young age.

For sure it is interesting to sit back and watch the many trends that come and go. We are always thinking and striving to do things better than the generation before us.

God is never changing. His word is the same. It is an anchor. Because He is outside of time and human limitations His wisdom is always available in every generation. Some things need to change. Some changes don’t work and maybe the old way actually had something lasting after all.

The challenge for us as we age is to avoid skepticism but to gain wisdom. For young and old we have much to offer each other, if we are teachable.

Trends come and go and it seems the pendulum always swings one way or the other.

There truly is nothing new under the sun. It is just packaged in different ways.

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