When God cleans house, he gets the job done.

Numbers 31 could be titled “Moses last stand” because God has one more assignment for him before he is gathered to his fathers.

Baalam had found a way to work around God’s command that Israel be blessed by advising the Midianite women to seduce the Israelite men.

Under God’s direction Moses sends the troops to deal with the Midianites. All were to be killed.

That didn’t happen.

When the soldiers arrived back with Midianite women, Moses was not happy. Once again they didn’t totally follow the instructions.

God in his mercy spares those Midianite women who had not slept with a man and they were allowed to live.

Did I mention that this was Balaam’s last stand as well?

His self-serving, scheming ways were halted with a sword that day.

Once again, we see that God is just and righteous.

“The plans of the righteous are just, but the advice of the wicked is deceitful.” Proverbs 12:5

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