If you have ever had a friend who truly loves you and has your back then you are blessed! David had that sort of friend in Saul’s son Jonathan.

Saul is extremely jealous of David and his success. He plots to kill him. It doesn’t matter to him that David is totally devoted to Saul and wishes him no evil.

Jonathan however, points out to his father that David has done nothing but slay Israel’s enemies and help build up the kingdom.

Jonathan knows good character when he sees it and the saying “blood is thicker than water”, doesn’t hold true in this case. Character trumps roots as far as Jonathan is concerned.

Saul has given his daughter Michal to David in marriage and together with Jonathan she warns David of Saul’s evil intent.

How sad that Saul has lost the loyalty of his own children because of the evil in his heart.

David heads to the hills and writes Psalm 59, which is asking God for protection from his enemies and those who want to harm him for no wrong doing on his part.

Saul finds out where David is hiding and sends men to trap him only to find that everyone he sends ends up prophesying instead.

Saul, himself ends up going to do him in and he does the same thing. “Is Saul also among the prophets?” The people ask.

No one can stop the successful path that God has laid out for David. Their evil intent only turns to words that proclaim God’s glory.

God establishes David as a mighty warrior, a king and not only gives him success but the blessing of loyal and faithful friends.

If he is able to take care of David’s needs, will He not take care of us as well?

“You are my strength, I watch for you; you, God, are my fortress, my God on whom I can rely.” Psalm 59:9, 10

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