There are always people in life who love to stir up trouble. They slink around, gathering information that they can use as ammunition once the time is right.

Information is power to self-serving people. And my, how they love to pass those tidbits along!

Doeg, the Edomite is no exception. If you remember, he was Saul’s servant who happened to be mentioned in 1 Samuel 22 as being present when David snuck in to see the Priest Ahemelek.

David asks for food and a sword from the priest. Doeg stores up these details to earn favor with Saul when he cannot seem to find David. It serves him well when Saul begins to whine about the fact that nobody seems to care to snitch on David’s whereabouts!

No doubt, Doeg is all about ‘caring’ when Saul laments whether the son of Jesse has the ability to provide land and vineyards. With such great ‘concern’ does he pour out the information he shares (after all, someone should feel ‘obligated’ to speak up, right?) and it gets 85 priests and the whole town of Nob killed.

One son of Ahemelek escapes to Davids hideout in the cave to report the news as a grieved David promises to keep him safe.

While there are always those slinking around in dark corners, scheming ways to cause trouble, it seems there are those as well who want to be on the side of what is right.

David ended up having thousands join him. Mighty warriors and even some Benjamites who would themselves have been relatives of King Saul!

They will be loyal to David to the death.

Once again Jonathan shows up and tells David that he will be king and Jonathan will be under him. They make a covenant. Jonathan, as well, will be loyal to David all of his days.

It is a lesson to us that we can surround ourselves with the Doeg’s of life, who pretend loyalty but are truly only about serving themselves, or those who love us enough to give their very life if they had to.

As well, we must ask ourselves if we are a slithering trouble maker or a warrior for what is good and right?

Who would we rather have as a friend? Who would we rather be remembered as? A Doeg or a Jonathan?

“Day after day, men came to help David, until he had a great army, like the army of God.” 1 Chronicles 12:22


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