So. I am in Numbers chapter 11 now. Thankfully, I have moved on beyond who carries what into the tabernacle and who does what, when and where!

Chapter 11 is fascinating because the people who God led out of Egypt are now whining for meat. They don’t ASK for meat, they whine about it! There is a difference between the two!

The whining of their hearts was basically that they were better taken care of as slaves in Egypt than the care they were getting from God.

That gets Moses whining to God about the people he was put in charge of. It is an interesting lament but very heartfelt. He points out that he didn’t want to be put in charge of these people who are wailing to him, but that the burden of their care was thrust upon him by the Lord!

Thankfully, God is merciful and patient and didn’t zap Moses for his frustration! He did kindle a bit of a fire around the camp though, just to let the people know He was annoyed.

So, God decides that He will give them meat alright. He will give them meat until they have it coming out the wazoo!

Moses inquires about how that is going to happen in a days time?

Moses reminds God that there are 600,000 men that need fed.

Are there enough fish in the sea? Should they start slaughtering all the livestock?

Moses is a very practical man.

God however, is the God of the impossible!

“The Lord answered Moses, ‘Is the Lord’s arm too short? You will now see whether or not what I say will come true for you.’ ” vs.23


Too often, we think the Lord’s arm is too short! Too often we limit Him. Too often we are too practical. Too often we are too stuck with what is familiar, comfortable and safe.

God shows up in a powerful and miraculous way (they have not learned this yet?)

He floods them with quail. He provides exceedingly and abundantly more than they could hope or imagine.

More actually, than what they wanted. Sometimes with God’s provisions, there are lessons to learn as well.

So today’s good word?

Are we believing the Lord’s arm is too short?

If so, we need to get out of the way and see just how far reaching it really is!

Trusting Him to stretch my faith today as I learn to stop limiting His reach! Nothing is impossible with God!

šŸ˜€ šŸ™‚ šŸ˜€

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