My First and Last Visit to the Men’s Barracks!

I don’t know why it always happened with Sarah and Debbie, but it just did.

If there ever was a time I would find myself doing things that my conscience would question me on, it was when I was with these two!

They would just say I was an old ‘stick in the mud’ or too cautious. Maybe so.

All I know is that on this particular day around 1976, these girls were looking for an adventure and boy did we find one!

We were teenagers somewhere around 16 years old and Sarah happened to have met a cute older guy at the store she was working at named Lee.

Lee was stationed at McConnell Air Force base in Wichita, KS at the time and it only seemed right that since she hadn’t seen him for awhile maybe we should go check out where his digs were.

As this great plan of making a trip to the air force base began to unfold, I started to have some hesitations. Ones such as: How do three teenage girls get into an air force base and past the guards? How do we know where to go to find Lee? In fact, just what is Lee’s last name anyway?

Of course none of these questions were seriously considered for very long because when you are sixteen, you are invincible and all knowing, so you will figure it out as you go, right?

So, that we did!

If I remember correctly, we were in Sarah’s little blue Pinto. Sarah was her usual bubbly self, with her cute blonde haircut and playful personality, Debbie was sporting her jet black hair, blue eyes and dimples and I was in the backseat, probably praying that we would survive the whole experience.

We got to the little guard shack where people who have actual passes to see someone can be interrogated and approved to go through the gate to the base.

I can not tell you exactly how we got through those gates without a pass or the interrogation, except that if you refer back to two paragraphs above this one, you probably get the idea.

Lo and behold if we didn’t charm the guards into waving us through!  Can anyone say “court martial?” Not only that, if we would get in the back of this truck with a few “more- than- helpful guys” who ‘happened’ to know of a ‘Lee’ and also ‘happened’ to be going that way, then they would be glad to deliver us to whatever and wherever destination we wanted!

We trustingly piled into the truck and me, aka “Mother Theresa”, begins to sweat this whole idea for very good reasons. Why are these guys taking a back road to the barracks? Didn’t they say they knew a ‘Lee’ and would take us to him? Hhmm….

We got fairly vocal at that point and demanded to be taken to the barracks at once since we were on a time limited mission. Consider that darkness would descend upon us before long and none of us wanted to explain this ordeal to our parents!

Realizing that these chicks were air heads and no fun, we got promptly dumped off at the barracks of which we had no earthly idea as to the exact one Lee would be in.

Maybe if we wandered up and down the halls of each one, calling Lee’s name, he would come out of one of the rooms?

This worked well for us until every guy who heard us decided his name was Lee!

At some point, the light dawned with the revelation that maybe this was a futile effort after all. Could it be that Lee never was in the air force or he had a sudden name change and was hiding in a closet somewhere?

All we know, is that we found everybody but Lee…and… some high ranking official who happened to catch us in the hallway and ask us what on earth we were doing there.

His tone softened when Debbie batted her baby blues and dimpled smile. She always had that effect on the male species. Note to self: never be jealous of beautiful people, they might save your life some day!

With that, we were promptly ushered out of the building and back to the Pinto and sent on our happy way.

Arriving home just before midnight, I snuck into my room and hit the hay. Hopefully, this little excursion would remain a girlfriend secret until one of us decided to blab it up in her blog in 2017!

Morning came and so did my father….to the breakfast table with one small question: “where were you at last night?”

As nonchalantly as I could possibly be, I replied that I had spent an evening hanging out with Sarah and Debbie having a good time.

I left myself wide open with that one because dad could have asked me to define, ‘good time’. However, by some sovereign mercy on the part of the Almighty, he did not!

One day, I laughingly retold this whole story to my dad, who typically has a great sense of humor. He didn’t laugh then and to this day, I still don’t think he finds the humor in the whole incident. Must be a dad thing.

All I know is that for the many women who are trying to get into the men’s barracks. Trust me, you don’t want to go there!

Nothing is going on and you most certainly won’t find who you are looking for.

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