Team Rehmert Christmas 2016

Here is the much anticipated Christmas letter that all of you have been waiting for with bated breath!

Wait! What is ‘bated breath’ anyway? Oh well..

In May, Rick & Shelli moved from Chester, NJ, stopped briefly in Branson to graduate Luke from College of the Ozarks and then headed to the beautiful flint hills of Kansas to pastor Gracepoint Church in Peabody!

Having purchased a home built in the 1920’s, we remain at the family farm outside of Cassoday, commuting to Peabody until the house is move in ready. Anyone who knows Rick, knows that he is a handy man and this house needed some extra TLC! ¬†Pastoring and coaching basketball takes some time so Shelli prays hard for patience and extra sanctification as needed.

Nicki resigned her preschool teaching job in Branson and moved to Kansas to work in Hillsboro with the elderly as a homemaker. She has a group of people in a beautiful facility where she is in charge of fixing and serving their meals and cleaning their apartments when necessary. She has grown to love them as they have her as well.

She is making a wonderful group of friends here and they have started a singles fellowship which she is enjoying being involved in.

Seth and Nicole live in Omaha where Seth interns at “Christ Community Church” and Nicole is activities director at an assisted living facility. Seth takes online seminary classes and looks forward to going into full time ministry after his internship ends.

Lindsay is Branson’s ‘Diggin Downtown Reporter’. She works for Greater Downtown Branson promoting it through special events, radio interviews, ads and whatever marketing skills are needed. She has been there a year and a half and is gaining much experience in the area of public relations and marketing. She is active in First Baptist, Branson and loves her singles group that she is involved in.

Luke is now in Kansas City working as a church intern, attending seminary and paying bills through his job at Lowes. In typical Luke fashion, he burns the candles at all ends, trying to squeeze in as much life in a day as he can! He lives in a house with several guys and is loving this season of life.

Jon has only one more semester at College of the Ozarks and then the fifth and final Rehmert has completed college! Except…Jon is applying for masters programs, so we shall see! This past summer, Jon did an internship at Potsdam, NY, State University of New York. He learned a lot, despite that his mother has very elementary math skills!

Due to Jon’s work with one of the professors at SUNY, he was asked to teach at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Atlanta, this January. He is looking forward to the experience and the road trip with his room mate.

Life moves forward without a whole lot of bravado, but with a deeper reality of God’s ever present provision and grace in our lives.

As always, our prayer for our family is that we just look like Jesus, no matter what the circumstances of life looks like or where it takes us.

May His presence, peace and joy fill your lives with all that is good this season and in the year to come!

Much love in Christ, from our family to yours!

Merry Christmas!

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