Annabelle! What a beautiful name!

We were so excited when after a year of marriage, your mommy and daddy called to tell us that you would join us in June!

We loved hearing updates on how your mommy was feeling and seeing what you looked like on a sonogram!

We rejoiced in all of the plans being made and talked about- the wonder of how life would change because a little one would be added to this wonderful union that we had so excitedly launched just over a year ago.

You were wanted. You were loved from the moment we heard you were growing in your mommy.

There was a heartbeat. There were tiny limbs and fingers and toes.

There was you, Annabelle, and you were alive and well.

But at some point in the last few weeks, you left us. You are no less alive, in fact more alive than you could ever be, but you have gone ahead of us to heaven.

We don’t know why you left so early and maybe we never will, yet love compels us to feel that you would have helped make this world a better place and in fact just celebrating you, already has.

Daddy and mommy wanted to hold you and care for you. Their arms will ache and their hearts will hurt. Family and friends will come alongside them and comfort them in this loss of you, but you will never be forgotten and can never be replaced.

We know that Jesus has welcomed you into his presence and we entrust you to him, because after all, he briefly entrusted you to us. We know how very much he loves the little children and we know too, that because of him, we will see you again.

Until then Annabelle, we grieve as those who have hope. We celebrate that death has been swallowed up in victory, because before you were ever born, another baby came to save the world.

So rest in peace sweet little one, and dance on those streets of gold. Laugh with Jesus, marvel at meeting your family who has gone before you, bask in the light of all that is good. It is bright there. It is happy there. It is pain free.

We have been touched by your short little life and we will never be the same.

We bid you goodbye in this world until we shall meet again in the next, our precious Annabelle.

4 thoughts on “Annabelle

  1. Oh Shelli. I know too well the Grandma’s heartbreak. My heart aches. I know that the plan has been written and I take comfort in God’s love. Maybe our little ones are playing together!

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