Have You Ever Been Angry at God for the Suffering in the World?

Once upon a time, a man named Bob had a heart ailment and he visited his doctor.

The doctor checked him over and told him that there were several issues that needed immediately addressed. First of all, he told him that since he weighed over 300 lbs, he would need to diet and exercise. Secondly, he would need to quit smoking. It was spelled out very clearly to him that these issues needed addressed soon, or he may have a heart attack.

Fast forward to a year later when no changes were made by  Bob to remedy the health situation and the said heart attack occurred.

Bob was told that he had to go into surgery immediately, but he began to yell and curse the doctor, accusing him for letting him get to the point that he had a heart attack.

The doctor tried to calm Bob down by reminding him that he had tried to help, but Bob would not listen.

Nonetheless, time was a wasting and despite Bob’s anger, the doctor performed the surgery in order to save Bob’s life.

Sounds kind of crazy doesn’t it, that Bob would refuse to follow the doctor’s prescription for good health and blame him when he had a heart attack.

Sounds even crazier that the doctor would bail him out of his neglect and perform surgery to save his life after he took the heat for the problem he didn’t create.

However, this is the exact sort of reasoning that I hear people engage in as to why they refuse to yield their lives to Christ.

They rage against a God who allows people to suffer. They see children starving in Africa and they shake their fist at God. They hear of a young mother murdered or their dear grandmother died of cancer and they write God off as being a big meany who doesn’t care.

They forget or don’t know the real reason why we are in this sorry mess of suffering.

The underlying problem is sin and the blame lies entirely on the tempter and those who follow his lead.  He is the one who rebelled against God and wanted to be in charge rather than follow the one who was.

Wasn’t it God who placed Adam and Eve in paradise? They had it all set up. Pure, innocent and child like, dwelling in beautiful surroundings with all the provisions they could want.

Their needs were perfectly met and they had  but one instruction, which was to abstain from  eating the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

You know the story. Satan appears as a snake (which by the way would have made me run rather than listen!) and he entices them into temptation. They end up eating the forbidden fruit which brings sin into the world.

So, the natural result of sin in the world is that with it comes suffering, sickness and death. It entered the world not because of God but rather rebellion against Him.

God created all that was good, Satan rebelled and promoted evil and man in his free will follows one or the other.

The funny thing about Satan is that he is the master of blame passing. How cunning of him to dupe so many people into thinking that God is the one who rains on their party when it is actually him.

In an astounding act of mercy and grace, despite man continuing to rebel and rail against God for all the suffering in the world, He comes to the rescue by sending his son.

He provides the remedy and does the surgery. Man digs himself into a hole and God, seeing the need for help, provides.

Many times, doctors know that a patient will not follow his prescription. God knew since the beginning of time that man would not follow His plan either. If a doctor knows his patients, how much more does the creator know his creation.

Heart issues have been a problem since the beginning of time. Whether physical or spiritual, the healing comes when we acknowledge the source of our pain and the one who can fix it.

” But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8