Buying Chairs and Pleading For Babies

“Can you tell me if you have a Hobby Lobby in this town?” I asked the clerk at the consignment store.

“Yes, there is one here and also a JoAnn’s Fabric store, which I highly recommend. I’ll show you a shopping guide.”

She pulled out a map and showed me quickly, where Hobby Lobby was, and extensively where  JoAnn’s, which I hadn’t asked for was, despite being further away.

Before my friend and I could get out of the door, the clerk began to tell us how that she prefers JoAnn’s over Hobby Lobby because of the way Hobby Lobby treats their employees and especially women.

What am I missing here, I wondered? I have never been in Hobby Lobby and witnessed a female employee being abused. I haven’t heard that males get paid more than the female employees. I do know that all of the employees get Sundays off to spend time with their families and go to worship services if they like. But I couldn’t hardly see how time off every Sunday was harming anyone.

As we walked outside and I was pondering what on earth Hobby Lobby was doing to their employees, it dawned on me that this was about the company’s stance of not wanting to provide insurance benefits that would include birth control.

Oh yes, I had read the articles a while ago and now it was all coming back to me.

So, I guess this woman believes it is abusive to women if their employer doesn’t provide health coverage for birth control.

Aside from the fact that owners of businesses should have rights to uphold personal convictions,(I mean, if one doesn’t like the company policies, then apply elsewhere, right?), the bigger issue that came to my mind was the tenacity at which people will declare they are for women’s rights while forgetting that baby females in utero, have no rights whatsoever if aborting them is an option for birth control.

Is there any greater abuse than to take an innocent life?

It took me back to remembering former days when I as well, was “pro-choice.”

When I was in high school, I knew very little about abortion. I did adore babies and felt that if an unplanned pregnancy happened and a baby was unwanted, then it was better for the baby if it was aborted.

In fact, if the mom was young and couldn’t handle having a child, wouldn’t it be better for everyone to just abort than to have a baby neglected and unloved? After all, I worked at the Humane Society and unwanted puppies were done away with all of the time and I loved puppies too.

During this season of my life, I was actively involved in my youth group and leading a Bible study. The church at large wasn’t teaching a whole lot on abortion and I don’t think any of us thought there would ever be much of a demand for them, except for extreme situations.

One of the biggest regrets of my life was when a teenager in my small group brought her cheerleader friend to me and asked for prayer for her because she had gotten pregnant and would be getting an abortion the next day.

We prayed…that God…would help the abortion go smoothly…

I hate that I just typed those words, it brings tears to my eyes even now.

I was just sure that this would be the best for the baby and that the mommy would go on back to being a bubbly cheerleader, enjoying life. After all, being a teen mamma couldn’t be good for either one, right?

Months later, I heard she was not doing well and depression had settled in.

What about the part, where we fix the ‘oops’ and life picks up where it left off?

At some point the video, “Whatever Happened to the Human Race” by Francis Schaeffer came out.

Schaeffer addressed the issues of infanticide, abortion and euthanasia. He portrayed the incredible sacredness of human life and that it is uniquely and wonderfully designed by the creator God, made in his image.

He had doctors explaining the wonder of the design of life and that no life is without value. He had handicapped people sharing about their accomplishments and their love for life.

I began to remember my situational ethics exercise in my Jr. High sociology class that had us decide who could be saved by the lifeboat. Would it be the scientist, the grandmother or the young man? We were to play God and determine that one of them would be valued higher than the others.

The light started to burn brighter in my mind warning me that I had been duped. I had bought into a lie in the name of compassion. Maybe playing God wasn’t as compassionate as I thought it was? Even our constitution guarantees that all men are created equal with certain inalienable rights. There is no exception clause for ‘unwanted’.

Schaeffer blew my humanitarian reasoning all to pieces. Every life is valuable and none more than others. Everyone is uniquely designed with something to offer.

As I learned more and more over the years, I became absolutely convinced of the rightness of the pro-life stance.

Three years after my wedding, I found myself in the doctors office looking at an ultrasound. I saw a little person sucking their thumb. I saw her move and her little heart beating.

I was blown away. I couldn’t quit saying, “Look! Look at that! She is living and breathing and so amazing!” I was in a worship experience at the miracle of life and never recovered from it.

Then that little baby was born. I would have died protecting her. She was so tiny and helpless and I could not imagine ever letting anyone near her to harm her in any way.

When she would cry, I was there to comfort her. When she needed fed, I met that need. I had a sacred responsibility over her little life that had been entrusted to me. It would never cross my mind to do anything but whatever it took, to keep that precious soul alive.

I felt the same way about the other four babies who came after her.

I watched friends who desperately tried to adopt and were on long waiting lists. I began to realize that there is no such thing as an unwanted baby.

I learned that babies in the womb feel pain. The abortion process is not only painful for the baby but even in a clinic can be harmful for the mother as well.

Legally and logically, abortion doesn’t add up. A mother can end the life of her  viable, third trimester baby in the womb, but if it were delivered and she killed it outside the womb, it would be called murder.

I  have counseled and prayed with women who had great sorrow and grief over having had abortions. They struggled with guilt, depression and a deep sense of loss. They had been told that this would fix their world and all would be fine. I have yet to meet a woman who did not regret her decision to abort.

I guess what it comes down to is this: Is there any career, degree or pursuit in this world that is worth ending the life of your own flesh and blood ? Could anything be more valuable than a human being?

In the whole scheme of life, what is 9 months of it to sacrifice for a little person that someone would love?

If I could say anything at all to a woman considering abortion, I would ask that she first watch an ultrasound of an abortion. That she would hold a tiny newborn in her arms and see it’s utter helplessness and that she would talk to a couple who desperately wants to adopt.Lastly, that she would listen to at least 3 women who have had an abortion and how they feel about it today.

To the woman in the consignment store, I would say that if we are going to care about women, we need to start caring about the weakest and most vulnerable ones first. Without our voice, they have none. While we are making our choices, theirs is being taken away.

To Hobby Lobby, I would say, continue on. You just sold a customer two new chairs.










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