Getting Sued By the IRS

Transitions are always fun aren’t they?

So many decisions when jobs, locations and finances are involved.

Yesterday found hubby and I having to discuss all of those things until his cell phone rang and interrupted our conversation.

“Who was that?”, I asked.

He looked a little puzzled as he replied that it was the IRS and they were going to sue us!

“What?!!” I usually try to be a calm person, but the IRS just stresses me out. I always tell Rick that if he dies before me, I will go to IRS prison because I am sure I won’t get something filled out right or sent in on time and they will come get me.

So, of course, now I know that day has come and they will not get just me but both of us.

Very quickly our conversation changed. Forget discussing finances, all of them will be taken and we will exist on bread and water until we are no more.

So, I look at him and ask what on earth did he not send in on time? What are they mad about? Then I begin to realize that they are usually after so many people that more than likely, we are one of umpteen-thousand who got the recorded call.

Well, now isn’t this an annoying turn of events?

There is a reason that Jesus ate with tax-collectors and sinners! Some of us might eat with sinners but few of us are godly enough to hang with tax-collectors! Lord help us, someone needs to have mercy on them and probably Jesus is the only one who does!

So, we sit down and pray about it. We ask the Lord to take care of it and we tell him that we don’t have much but everything we do have is his anyway, so if we need the IRS trial in our world, we will just have to walk that road. However, we won’t complain if He just sends them away!

Thoughts of our recent study of Job and all the trials he faced came swirling through our minds as we realized there are worse things than being stalked by the IRS.

We then began to think through the issue and go back over our recent correspondence, only to remember that the only deadline we had with them, on a mistake that seems to actually be theirs anyway, isn’t due until the last day of the month.

So, before we call our accountant, we call this number back. Some guy from India asks if we know some person who we do not know and when we tell him “no”, he says our name will be taken off of their call list.

Hhhmmm…very interesting.

We move forward in our day, meet my sis-in-law for lunch and she tells us about some IRS scam calls that have been coming in. We learn from her that the IRS cannot threaten to sue anybody over the phone but only communicate legal notifications in print.

Throughout the rest of the day, the IRS recording called at least six more times, with the same message.

I am reminded through all of this that most of people’s health problems have got to be a result from all the stresses of life and living that weigh in upon us and gnaw at our insides.

This is why it is such a comfort to have a God who promises to guide our steps in this life. He is the God who gives wisdom, instruction, provision and even if the stresses of life eventually kill us off, we can enter into His eternal rest and have the hope of heaven because of His son, Jesus Christ.

Someday, we will have no more taxes, stress, tears, fears, anxieties or technological difficulties.

I am so glad that Christ can help me deal with life today, but oh how I look forward to an eternity in heaven!

There is one little catch to this whole heavenly bliss though….some of those tax collectors whom Jesus befriended, just happened to ‘friend’ Him back!  Chances are I might have one in the mansion next door!

Oh well, in the whole scheme of eternity, I guess that is something I can live with!

There is much one can learn from getting sued by the IRS!



2 thoughts on “Getting Sued By the IRS

  1. When I get a call like this, I block the number. Your friend is right, the IRS NEVER CALLS people, you get a letter in the mail.


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