It is Time to Stop

It is time to stop. It is time as Christians that we stop arguing over issues that are a matter of preference and not matters of doctrine.

It is enough. Too many years of arguing non-essentials at the expense of those things that really matter are diluting biblical instruction for the sake of popular opinion or personal preference.

This is nothing new, after all didn’t the apostle Paul deal with this very issue in his letter to the Corinthians? While believers were arguing over the grey area of meat sacrificed to idols, the entire church was looking the other way when one of their fellow brothers was involved in an immoral relationship. Not just overlooking dealing with it but going so far as to boast about it! No Christian would boast that immorality was occurring in their church but no doubt, they might boast that they were full of grace and love and would be tolerant of it.

We argue over the color of the carpet, whether we should wear ties or blue jeans, whether the music has drums or harps, and on and on it goes.

While we split hairs searching scripture to validate our personal preferences, we are blowing over countless passages that spell out very simply and explicitly how we are to live and not live if we are followers of Christ.

Christians are not the light of the world and the salt of the earth because they choose blue carpet over red or take communion once a week or once a month. They are the light of the world because they follow Christ and reflect him in how they live.  They are changed from the inside mirroring the change on the outside.

A few weeks ago I heard a sermon that almost had me on my feet in agreement!

The pastor stated that he was done. He said that too much time is spent trying to manage the sheep and keep them happy, making sure they get along.

He pointed out that our world is in deep trouble and we as Christians are lulled to sleep in a content bubble and not engaging a lost world who desperately needs the saving and transforming power of Jesus Christ.

He stated that from here on out, anyone who wanted to be a leader in the church would be set on a course to be trained and equipped to lead and impact their world for Christ. He is on mission and strategic because he sees that  we are in a battle for truth and we are losing ground.

Can I hear a loud “amen”? Anybody with me?

While we continue to divide and nit pick, there are those who are united and organized even while they are lost in the muck and mire of confusion and darkness.

Does that not demand my attention much more than me being comfortable?

Several years ago, I came to this deep conviction that I needed to step it up a notch and pour myself into investing in, mentoring, equipping and encouraging others to know Christ and to walk with Him.

It changed my focus and my purpose as Christ called me to the next level. I could see that time was wasting and what was I doing with the time He had given me?

I sense such an urgency that time is running out, there is no time to major in the minors, but to live out Christ in a lost and broken world in the things that matter.

It is not a time for fear, apathy or hysterics. But it is most definitely a time to be alert, wake up and engage in the issues that are close to the heart of Christ.

It is a time to be done and a time to start.

If there ever was a time that the church needs to be the church, it is now.




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