What We Need

“How are things going with your cancer?”

Even though I didn’t know this woman well, I knew that she had been diagnosed a while back. Seeing her in the store reminded me that she may still be in this battle. It would be insensitive to ignore that her and I had talked about this several months ago.

“You know what? Cancer sucks”, she replied. I acknowledged that it does indeed.

We chatted a bit. She is a fighter and refuses to give in to defeat. She has plans and dreams. I told her that I admired her attitude. But I could see in her eyes, that the struggle is real. It is raw, it is frightening and no doubt, there are days when her attitude is not positive.

One thing is for certain. Whether we are a positive person or a negative one, we all bleed the same way.

Sometimes, we have to admit that despite our best efforts to stay strong…life at times is just too hard.

We try to gut it out and be brave. We try to have a good attitude. After all, we know, that is the only thing we really can control. Even with that, we need help because it can get very ugly trying to reign it in.

Having a positive attitude doesn’t erase our pain or our circumstances. It just puts a different spin on it.

To get through it, we need so much more than sheer positive thinking.

We need a savior.

We need a savior who can identify with suffering. One who has experienced rejection and loneliness.

We need a savior who has been abandoned by family and friends.

We need a savior who knows the ‘dark night of the soul’ when there seems to be no one who truly understands the depth of our pain.

We need a savior who cries out to his father, “My God, why have you forsaken me?”

We need a savior who faced all of the above and got to the other side.

We need a savior who offers hope. An overcomer.

We need a savior who nailed pain, sorrow, suffering, loneliness, fear, anxiety, stress, disease, addictions, loss and rejection on a cross and bore it with our name on it.

We need a savior who has conquered death by rising from the dead, never to suffer again.

We need the hope that we too, can rise with Him from this place of suffering to an eternity of freedom. No more tears, sorrow or pain. No more death.

We need Jesus.




2 thoughts on “What We Need

  1. Thank you Shelli for speaking truth into my heart. We just spent the evening with best friends who are cancer and we are all suffering with them. It’s interesting that I thought this morning about the whole concept of God’s will and my prayers. Maybe I’ll be blogging like my sweet friend soon.


    • So sorry to hear about your friend! I lost a dear friend to cancer last year and have had several other’s that have or are going through the same. How desperately we need Jesus for salvation and hope. So glad this world is not our home! Looks to me like you are already blogging! Keep up the good work! I am enjoying them!


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