Keeping it Real

Rarely do romantic movies show the realities of true love.

Oh yes, there are passionate moments, declarations of love, valiant slayings of the dragons or the bad guys. But the reality of true love is so much more.

It is in the first weeks of marriage when you try out all of the new recipes that you got on those little index cards at the bridal shower. You burn things, you fix meatless mozzarella and rice quiche. You make spaghetti and forget to drain the water out of it. You microwave a whole chicken making it indistinguishable from rubber and as you gag it down yourself, he declares how good it is. That is when you realize that you are truly loved.

It’s in the moments you get so sick you can’t make it to the toilet. He finds a big bowl and rubs your back while you lose your cookies. To top it off, he flushes the remains and rinses the bowl. That is true love tested in the fire of devotion.

Real love is expressed at Redbox when he wants to watch the action packed movie but rents the chick flick instead because he knows you wanted to see it.

It is displayed in late night marathons with a crying baby when exhaustion has set in and he sends you to bed offering to rock the little one back to sleep.

My memory floods with so many times that I was cold and he took off his coat or I was sad and he held me and listened.

Love is sitting in the funeral home, silently holding hands as you reflect on the brevity of life.

It is the knife that punctures your heart when you hear him criticized. It is the protectiveness that springs from him when the same happens to you.

It is the joy of raising children together and the sharing of memories when they are grown.

Real love ripens with time.

Wrinkles and grays, aches and pains only cement the commitment to continue on til ‘death do us part’.

Real love is honest. It is vulnerable. It is in the working things out rather than bailing out.

It is always attainable when two imperfect people covenant together to make it work no matter what.

It is a deposit with great returns if both partners invest in it with large sums of themselves.

It is a gift, if it is seen as just that.

Real love is for real people who lean on a real God.

It is eternal.

“It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails.” 1 Corinthians 13:7,8




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