Mom and the Bike Thieves!

It wasn’t that Gina O’Neal and I were always bored and looking for excitement. Sometimes excitement just seemed to find us.

Gina rode her bike over after school one day and we decided to take our 10 speeds for a spin around the neighborhood. We had a boatload of boys in our division so it was somewhat surprising to see two new comers walking down my quiet street. We hadn’t seen those boys before? They seemed nice enough and said “hi”, so we smiled, were polite and rode on around the block.

Coming back to my house we parked the bikes and decided to see who was hanging out at Kurt’s house. Maybe there was something happening over there that was more exciting than riding around our neighborhood?

We meandered to Kurt’s place only to find that absolutely nothing was going on there. We chatted with his mom for a while. We pet the dog. We talked to Kurt. We headed back to my house…….and passed two boys on bikes and waved……what? WHAT?

Those were our bikes! Passing us! The two strange boys had taken them!

So, we did what any normal Jr. High school girl would do. We screamed at the top of our lungs! We went running to my house screaming all the way down the street, alarming all the neighbors and especially my mother!

Let me introduce my mother. She was at that time a tiny little 5’3 size person who weighed probably about 105 pounds. She is typically very wise and calm unless you get her upset and then….not so much!

She ran out of the house with her adrenaline pumping at high volumes, to the sight of two hysterical girls screaming “those boys stole our bikes!”

She took one look at us, one look at the boys speeding towards the rail road tracks and she took off in a full run after them! No kidding! My little mother was on a mission and woe to those boys if she caught one of them!

She didn’t. They escaped.

I prayed that my bike would be found and grieved my loss.

The police came and took the descriptions. An hour later, an officer showed up and much to my surprise he had my bike!

He caught the kid several blocks away, and all was dealt with. Except for Gina’s bike. They never recovered Gina’s bike.

That was when I remembered that I had totally not thought to pray that Gina’s bike would be found! Can anyone say “prayer hoarder?” Some friend I was!

Oh well. We still remained friends for several years after that, experiencing many more adventures, because for us, boring days in Wichita never seemed to stay that way for very long.



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