How God Changed a Tire on a Kansas Prairie

It wasn’t that I thought Mr. Mahan’s drivers ed class was boring. It was just that I didn’t think I ever had to worry about changing a flat tire. When asked by him, why I was not paying attention and what would I do if this ever was an issue, I replied “well, I would find someone who knows how to change a tire and ask them if they would take care of it for me.”

This response by the way, is very typical when you are the baby in the family, especially when you are the only girl of all the cousins. Everyone takes care of you whether you want them to or not. Unless you are strong willed and stubborn you just enjoy the ride.

Fast Forward about 10 years later to me as a young mother of two traveling alone on a Kansas interstate. I had the classic green Torino that belonged to my husband and was returning from getting it fitted with brand new tires in Wichita.

The toddler and baby were buckled in their seats as I headed back on that cold October day for the three hour trip home.

The interstate wasn’t too busy but the drive was boring with not much in between each small community along the way. Boredom turned quickly to concern when some creepy guy kept trying to keep my pace in the passing lane. I would slow down and he would, then I would speed up and he would as well. This was getting annoying and a bit scary.

There wasn’t much one could do in that situation unless there happened to be somewhere to take an exit. Unfortunately cell phones had not yet been invented.

So, I prayed and asked God to move the guy on. After a while, he tired of his game and did head on down the road, much to my heart felt thankfulness!

He hadn’t been gone very long before the unbelievable happened! One of the new tires went totally flat! Of course it happened where there was no exit and no option except to pull to the shoulder on the cold windswept prairie and pray for help!

I did ponder changing the flat because my husband had taught me himself. The only problem was I could never get the lugs off because they were too tight. Oh bother, where was Mr. Mahan when you needed him?

As I sat there on the side of the road praying while little ones were getting restless, my main prayer was that God would please send someone, anyone trustworthy, who could help me and change the tire!

15 minutes later, as cars whizzed by, no one stopping, I began to pray a bit more desperately. Not wanting to get out and flag anyone down, I just sat there in the car.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, a vehicle pulled in front of me and backed up. I prayed “Lord, I asked that you would send someone I could trust, I am trusting you that this is the one!”

A nice man around my age gets out of his vehicle and asks if he can help. I look at him and think he looks vaguely familiar and ask his name.

“Brian McCabe”. Was he kidding me? Was he the Brian who is married to Susan, who was about the only young couple in the church we had been in when we were engaged six years earlier? Yes, he was that Brian!

As he began to change the tire, I told him how that I had asked God to send someone I could trust but I never dreamed He would send someone I would know! Especially out on the Kansas prairie in the middle of nowhere!

Brian began to tell me how he ended up stopping to help.

He had passed me and noted I needed help but kept driving. The further he drove, the stronger the impression pressed in that he was supposed to turn around and go help that person. He drove by an exit and kept going. The impression to turn around got so strong that by the next exit, he decided he had better go with it. He began to realize that maybe God was trying to get his attention.

We both realized on a deeper level that day, the amazing ways that God works to line up and orchestrate the events in our lives when we are seeking Him. We especially marveled at the tangible ways God answers prayer.

“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all we ask or think, according to the power at work within us” Ephesians 3:20


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