The Day Before Christmas

It’s the day before Christmas and I am upstairs,

Typing on WordPress….like anyone cares!

Luke on the couch and Jon still in bed,

Dad’s in his office and I’ve lost my head!

Amazon orders arrived just in time,

to save this stressed mamma from committing a crime!

The presents are here, the food has been bought,

Of course I am happy except for one thought!

I think of Team Rehmert and 4 that aren’t here,

like Seth, Nicole, Nicki and Lindsay, oh dear!

They all will soon travel to places afar,

spreading their cheer when they arrive in the car!

People will hug them and give them a kiss,

Presents will open, not one will they miss!

But we will be missing our sweet little clan,

Thankful for loved ones that provide a good plan!

For whether together or whether apart,

the distance can’t separate the love in the heart!

The love of our savior has spread far and wide,

and draws us together by His spirit inside

Someday we’ll all be together forever,

no issue of miles or inclement weather!

Until then, enjoy the event of this day,

that a savior was born and He made a way!

Merry Christmas TeamRehmert#!










2 thoughts on “The Day Before Christmas

  1. Amen! We’re in the same boat. But times of quite with the Savior on His birthday are so precious! Thanks, Shelli, for expressing your thoughts and mine! May God bless you richly this Christmas, my friend.


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