What would it be like?

To kiss your loved ones good bye, not knowing if you would ever see them again?

To fly to a foreign land and wage a battle on unfamiliar soil.

To be a young man of maybe only 18 years old, having only known farming his whole life but now would be trained to kill.

To hear an alarm go off or be given a command of action and know that you had to run to fight an enemy and it might be your last day on earth?

What would it be like to watch your buddies get blown to pieces right next to you while you had to keep your focus and carry out a mission?

How could you explain the anxiety of waiting for orders to come in knowing that 3 out of every 5 of you would not return from the assignment?

How would you feel picturing your family and loved ones, your country, knowing that if you don’t fight to the death and win a victory, an enemy who hates them will decide their fate?

What would be your thoughts as you kissed your loved ones good-bye not knowing if you will ever see them again.

What sort of emotions are stirred up to be so far from home and finally receive a much desired letter from your sweetheart only to find, she is ending the relationship because she can’t wait for you to return and she has found someone else?

What would it be like to spend Christmas Day in a foxhole?

How would it feel to be taken prisoner by people who found great pleasure in inflicting all the hatred they could create upon your body and soul?

What is it like to jump when you hear a car backfire or a child pop a firecracker?

How would it feel to hear news of your newborn baby and know you won’t hold that child for a long time and maybe never?

How would you recover from having to shoot women and children because they had bombs attached to them?

How would it feel to come back to your country with your legs shot off, only to have people spit on you and call you a baby killer?

I can’t say that I would know.

I can say “thanks” though. Somehow that doesn’t seem like enough.

Thanks to our veterans from the bottom of my heart! I salute you!

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