Eve and Me

Eve, did you think as you ate from the tree, that there might be a girl, that girl being me, who would love being innocent picking flowers all day, watching lions yawn lazily at lambs as they play.

But you ate the fruit that I didn’t eat and my feelings are slight less than mad. Now I pay the price for the mistake that you made and I’m the one left looking bad.

Of course I love babies but I find it no gain that these tiny sweet infants are delivered in pain.

And for the innocence you had at first I gladly would dispose of these daily reminders of man’s first sin, these garments we call clothes.

But Christ paid the price for the choice that you made and forgiveness is mine I am sure. My anger replaced by the hope of the cross for like you, I too can be pure.

Shelli Frazier 1980

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