One Simple Truth

God is love.  I always go back to that. It is the anchor. It is the starting place. It is truth.

Just knowing that one fact and holding it tenaciously close to my heart has gotten me through many a confusing and anxiety producing trial. When I don’t know what is happening and circumstances are far beyond my reasoning, I return to that one familiar place. God loves me.

It is my go to place to encourage others. When I have no answers for them and life doesn’t make sense, when they are hurting and angry and God seems far from them, I try in some simple way to let them know He loves them.

Why? Because love is full of hope. If we know we are loved by God then we know that He is going to see us through. We will get to the other side. No matter what. If He is love then He has our best interests at heart and He will not hurt us. We can trust Him. He will take care of us.

It is the heart and essence of God and all that He is about. He is the very definition of love. Everything that pertains to Him and His character falls under the umbrella of His love. Yes, even those hard passages in the Bible aren’t about an unloving God. It is funny that we who are imperfect in love tend to sit in judgement on the one who is the definition of love. But in our humanity and our need to understand we so often land there. And because He is love, He is patient with that.

Knowing He is love is the starting place on which everything can find its proper context in the whole scheme of our life. It is empowering, revitalizing, refreshing, hope-filled and solution oriented. It is life giving and eternal.

God is love. Is there any better place to start?

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