Tickets, Mercy and Romans!

What would you do if you were entering town, saw a patrol car with lights on but no one was out of the car and there was no other vehicle pulled over?  What if it was Labor Day and the interstate was busy and you had very little time to get in the other lane?  Well, on this particular day, in this particular situation, my hubby opted to slow down, stay in his lane and continue to his destination.  Enter previously mentioned patrol car!  Lights flashing, on our tail…..yeah…..boom!…ticket!

What did we do wrong?  Well, according to the police officer, in Kansas, he stated, you have to get in the other lane if emergency vehicles are on the side of the road.  That will be $300.00 thank you and if you don’t like it there is a court date scheduled in a couple of weeks.  Whoah!  Really?  No warning for a guy who never gets tickets?  Nope.  No understanding of the circumstances involved?  Nope.  Pay up or plead your case!

Well, hubby thought about it for awhile.  He could pay the money but there were several factors involved here that seemed unreasonable.  After processing it over in his mind enough times he decided  that he was going to have his day in court!  I was pretty much in agreement that this was a good idea  (even though I would’ve weenied out and paid whatever just to avoid the stress!)

Fast forward to the fateful day!  The accused states his objections to the ticket and gets told that there will have to be a trial and he can obtain a lawyer if he would like.  What?  Excuse me, a lawyer?  This little defense is getting big and scary really fast!  Why a lawyer?  Will there be jail time or the death penalty if this ticket scenario doesn’t get worked out?  Who knows, except that for now there must be a trial so the officer who issued the ticket can be present with his defense.  Ugghhh.. this is getting bigger than what either of us anticipated.  In a week, there would be a trial.

Did I mention in this story the word “stress”?  That was what began to creep upon my guy’s forehead for the next several days!  He was starting to have sleepless nights and visions of a ball and chain.  He was beginning to wonder if he shouldn’t have just written the hefty check and moved on.  I was trying to be supportive but was actually thinking the same thing.  In fact, I began wondering if I showed up, if I wouldn’t be summonsed and interrogated on the witness stand!  Now I was starting to get creases on my forehead as  well!

We reviewed the possible worse case scenarios. After ruling out Alcatrez, probably the worst one would be writing the hefty check.  Could we do it?  Yes, but what about the friend we have been praying for who has a financial need?  We wanted so much to be able to help him with the money rather than pay a ticket.  We prayed earnestly that God would lead the judge hearing the case to rule in our favor and that we would be free to send our friend the money instead!  However, we knew that if he ruled otherwise then we would trust that this was God’s plan.  We decided to ask that God would bring Romans 8:28 into play here “For we know that ALL things work together for the good for those who love God and are called according to HIS purpose”.  Could God take this uncomfortable situation and somehow, in someway use it to bless someone?  We just decided that no matter the outcome, we wanted something good to come from it.

After a week, there was a trial.  The verdict was in!  Drum roll please….and it is…  mercy!  The judge heard my husbands defense and granted mercy!  The policeman was fine with the verdict and both accuser and accused hit it off great!  No jail, no death penalty, no Alcatraz, no paying the ticket, just grace!  Merciful judge, amiable officer and a friend in need who will soon receive a much needed check!  I would say Romans 8:28 came into full play on so many levels with the outcome!

This whole incident has brought to mind that there is a judge who oversees the affairs of this world.  He is just and righteous but merciful as well.  He not only dismisses tickets on our behalf, he pays the whole fine Himself!

“Wonderful, merciful savior, precious redeemer and friend, who would have thought that a lamb could rescue the souls of men”

Mercy me, mercy you, mercy us!

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