Keeping it Simple in a High Tech World

I like things kept simple.  I am the one to joke about being stuck in the wrong age.  I’m pretty sure that although I don’t believe that God makes mistakes, if He did make just one it would be sticking me in this era of history.  I am a pre-1950’s thinker stuck in a post 1950’s world.  Go figure.  Nothing to be done now but to conform.  This is a stretch at times.

28 years ago I quit my office job to stay home and have my first child.  The woman who replaced me at work got the first computer in that office.  I stayed out of the work place for the next 25 years raising my five children and working alongside my husband in ministry.  Not a lot of high-tech happening with snotty noses, skinned knees and figuring out the next meal.  When we finally got a home computer ourselves my neighbor had to help me figure out how to set up facebook.  Yep, it’s true….that’s how bad it was.

With two office jobs behind me in the past few years and mastering both facebook and e-mail, you would think I would be well equipped to enter the blogging world.  Even this has proven to be a challenge.  Last winter I started a blog and forgot my password, changed my phone number and realized that the site couldn’t remind me of my password because they couldn’t send it to my new phone number since they said it wasn’t the correct one.

So, fast forward to today.  I am going with a new blog site, have written down my info, prayed I won’t lose any of it and will see what happens from here.  I went with a simple title, a simple picture and true to my nature will post pretty simple thoughts about life.

Nothing too complicated here after all, remember, I was meant to be born in another age.

7 thoughts on “Keeping it Simple in a High Tech World

  1. I’d say you guys are living pretty simply at this current season of life! Simple, yet profound learning is occurring. I’m glad you’re writing again so you can share your simple but straightforward wisdom with your readers.


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